Copy Your Receipts

  1. Hi All

    A nasty thing happened to me today! I was going to sell one of my bags and indicated that I had all tags including the original receipt. Well, when I pulled out my receipt it was barely legible. It's that lousy register paper they use these days. Luckily I had my cc statement, but that's really not something I like to share with strangers or my husband - LOL!

    So my word of caution is copy that receipt as quickly as possible after you purchase your bag.

    Cheers - M
  2. Wow, I never thought about that. Thanks for the advice!
  3. I've noticed that too.... in less than one year the print is almost disappeared!
  4. yeah- the gloss paper fades after a ..
  5. I have noticed this as well; good tip
  6. Thank you for the advice.. my receipts are yellowing as well! btw- my husband knows not to look at the receipts unless he wants to cry.. LOL :nuts:
  7. At our Chanel boutique, they use actual printing paper, and not the glossy paper so I think I'm safe!
  8. Wow, I really never thought about this. Thanks for the good advice!
  9. Glad to share!
  10. I agree!! But this is really a problem when you buy mobiles, tech items in general if you need assistance so it's a good point! Too bad I'm to lazy to do it! :p
  11. Yes, I noticed this too. I pulled out the NM receipt for my J12 watch and couldn't read it anymore. I think however I can walk into NM and ask for a replacement receipt.
  12. Great advice, thanks.
  13. good idea thanks for sharing!
  14. Is a copy of a receipt considered as valid as the original receipt?
  15. I have used copies of receipts at consignment stores. I think it's valid in that it could be researched at the store of purchase. That way the store can usually print you a new receipt if needed.