Copy of Ultimate Soft?

  1. [​IMG]
    Doesn't THIS look like the ultimate soft bag from Fall 2006????? Designers copy off each other all the time.
  2. yep, i posted that awhile bck as well.
  3. That was exactly what I thought when a SA tried to show me that bag. I have the Ultimate Soft and it's so much nicer than the Dior.
  4. That bag doesn't say "Chanel" to me, so I would never have made the connection. And I don't mean it has to have CCs on it to say Chanel... just that it looks like an ordinary bag, with an ordinary shape ... IMHO.
  5. looks like...but a little different..
  6. I saw it in the CD boutique and I loved it. I think it's a pretty traditional shape and I don't see it as a copy of the US, pretty bag.
  7. Kind of -- but the Ultimate soft is so far better looking
  8. the new gucci bags also has a similar opening...but not that shape
  9. copy cats!!!