"Copy of receipt provided."

  1. While browsing LV (and alleged LV) items on eBay, I'm seeing this on quite a few auctions. A copy is offered as part of authenticity "proof." Why would a seller who is ostensibly auctioning her own items give a copy of the receipt? Why not the original, what use would she still have for it?

    Offering me a copy of the receipt does not reassure me the way an original would (and even then, I realize that she could be giving me a receipt for a different item).

    I click right off such auctions, but maybe there's something I'm missing?
  2. Good point - but a reciept means nothing to me. The can be faked (on ioffer you can buy a computer program to make them).
    Also - it's just weird to me to buy a used bag with a receipt.
  3. if there's more than one item on it I'd want to keep it as well:yes:
  4. If my credit card or debit card number was on the recepit I would want to keep it and give a copy with blacked out numbers. Also, as was my case, I bought my bucket as an insurance claim. I needed the receipt for that, however I want to keep mine not sell it.
  5. I agree with Nyria...receipts don't really matter too much anymore because templates can be purchased and they can just be printed out. Also if there is more than 1 item on the receipt and personal information, I wouldn't feel comfortable giving the original. What use would you have for the original receipt?
  6. << What use would you have for the original receipt? >>

    I would have no use for it other than as supporting evidence that the purse is authentic. Which is the whole point of offering a receipt or a copy, I presume. Why else would it be offered?

    I never thought about software that prints receipts, so yes, it sounds like an original receipt may not mean anything, anyhow.
  7. eBay now requires receipts to be faxed in to eBay inc. when auctioning bags. This is one reason receipts are involved, however I would by no means use a receipt as a guarantee that the bag is real. It only gives "supporting evidence that the purse is authentic" if the bag itself IS actually authentic. But just having a receipt doesn't guarantee authenticity.
  8. I am going to speak to this, because that is what I do on ebay For this reason: if the package should be lost or damaged, I have the original copy in my possession and to be able to produce an original receipt might help. I also make copies in case the original is lost or damaged. It does happen (leaks, etc.). Once the transaction has ended and feedback has been exchanged, I then send the receipt. Sometimes people don't even want the receipt. I have been doing ebay for over 5 years and have gotten no complaint and have 100 percent feedback. (for the record) Besides, someone could always provide a real receipt with a fake. You should look at the feedback. If someone has a long history with no blemishes, or very few, then chances are they are honest. and if they do make a mistake, they will rectify it. It is more risky with a newbie seller, but in those cases, I have had extensive dialogue and know exactly what to look for.
  9. Thanks for the info, starbucksqueen!
  10. starbucksqueen~wow, i've never thought abou that, thanks for sharing that info!
  11. Totally agree. I wouldn't give away a reciept for just one item. :yes:
  12. i would not want to chance someone being able to decipher info i blacked out.
  13. I never give away my receipts. I do not want them bouncing around where I cannot control the uses to which they are put. Moreover, if a buyer challenges you for any reason, you as a seller will need that receipt. But mostly, I keep them because I do not want any of my personal information being used in ways that I can't control. I think it may have been someone in tpf who mentioned seeing her receipt on Ioffer!
  14. I no longer offer copies or originals of my receipts, they end up on ioffer.com so they can be sold to sellers of fake bags.
  15. ^that's just messed up.