Copy of my very old listing?

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  1. I was perusing today on Ebay and came across a familiar bag. I'd sold three or four of that variety a while back. This one was not one of those exact bags, best I can tell, due to the placement of the price tag.

    What is odd to me is that the seller used my exact listing description, word for word. Different font, different color, and with all of my "disclaimers" eliminated, but there it was. The weird part is that my last sale on bags like that was MONTHS ago... the listings aren't even available on "My Ebay" anymore. I'm trying to figure out where they got it from! Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Report, report, report!
  3. Can't report- the listing number of my old listings is long expired. You can't view the content of them anymore. Thus my confusion. :smile:
  4. You can still report it to eBay.... Other than that, I'm at a loss, too... :confused1:
  5. Hmmm... Weird!! Maybe she was a follower and she saved the auction somewhere/somehow??
  6. If you sold the item then look at your feedbacks. The listing would be attached to the feedback then you can really compare listings. Then report it.
  7. Maybe she did a google search and found a cached copy?
  8. wow that is weird. I'm guessing she saved it some how when it was still available for viewing.
  9. Odd - but definitely find a way to report!
  10. Maybe you could message the seller and see if you could nicely convince her to take it down. :smile:
  11. Good suggestions. I was hoping to find a cached copy myself but nothing came up when I searched!

    I was thinking that maybe this is a buyer of a purse I sold that has a different account, but it's in a completely different state than the ones I sold shipped to. :thinking:

    @ Ms. P- do you know of a way to look at old listings attached to fb that are more than 90 days old? I can't look at the listing directly. I MIGHT have it saved in turbo lister...