Copy of Leibovitz's 'John and Yoko' up for auction

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    NEW YORK – A copy of Annie Leibovitz's famous photo of a nude John Lennon

    The photo was taken just hours before Lennon was shot in December 1980 and appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

    It's one of 40 copies and is expected to bring $10,000 to $15,000 at Swann Auction Galleries on Oct. 19.

    Tho photo is being sold by a private collector and is not part of Leibovitz's highly publicized settlement over her debts and rights to her own work. with a clothed Yoko Ono is going up for auction in New York City.

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  2. Wow I had no idea that was taken the day he was murdered.
  3. ^ right. very creepy
  4. I never knew it was taken that night either. I thought it was a much earlier pic. It'll be interesting to see how high that auction goes, with this year being the 10th anniversary
  5. I think you meant 30 and boy does time fly.
  6. Frail Yoko Ono was spotted for the first time in months as she enjoyed some fresh air in New York's Central Park on Thursday.

    The 83-year-old wife of the late Beatle John Lennon flashed a smile alongside a young man and two assistants, who pushed her around in a wheelchair.

    She wore her signature hat and a pair of sunglasses, along with a pair of Nike sneakers as she rolled along in the park.

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  7. cripes........where does the time go? I had forgotten that she was older than John