Copy Birkins in UK Magazine..

  1. I've just been out to dinner with a friend, who didnt know I had just bought my first birkin. She produced a UK magazine called "Now" a glossy celebrity/fashion/gossip weekly. In it there is a double page spread about the "A-list it bag" - the Birkin, with pics of Kate Moss, Lilo, VB etc.

    Underneath a huge promotion about how the have linked up with a bag company called "Vanilla" to produce Birkin look -a-likes for £100/US$200!! Now obviously the quality will be poor, but the design is identical!

    Now fakes are one thing, but for a major UK publishing house (IPC magazine) to be supporting the copying of an iconic design....well I have never seen anything like it! Am I being naive? Am a little shocked!

    Pic enclosed. I don't have a scanner so have tried to photograph the pages as best I can.
  2. It is quite distasteful, but is it illegal? Does Hermes have a patent on the birkin design? If so, then they can do something about it!
  3. I am sure it cant be illegal as the magazine lawyers wouldnt have let it through....
  4. I have heard of this Vanilla before. I think they used to do a lot of Luella copies, can't remember what others
  5. Disgusting! To get around it, these bags pretty much will NOT carry the "Hermes" brand. These replicas have been done to death.

    But I agree with LyannaS >> distasteful. Poor judgement on the part of the editor to allow this through. Good grief.
  6. You always see these Get The Look For Less and Skinted/Minted features in magazines.

    Vanilla have been around for years, they started with Birkins, moved onto Mulberry Roxies when the fashions changed. Their shop is on King's Rd and walking distance/just a few bus stops away from both Sloane St & Harrods Hermes (and Mulberry for that matter). I'm sure H must know about them.
  7. That's appalling.
  8. :yucky::throwup:They probably don't even look like the ones that are pictured.
  9. ROFLMAO!!! don't feel too threatened - the caption by moss, carrying her croc kelly on the far left says:
    "Kate Moss teams her brown Hermes birkin with neutral
  10. :nogood: I can't believe the magazine approved this.
  11. Awful.. Never liked Now magazine..ever!!
  12. :hs:
  13. :nospam::nospam::nospam: somebody should write a complain to the magazine
  14. "Now you can get a fantastic leather bag like Kate Moss and VB...but without the celebrity price tag."

    Huh, I must be a celebrity. I have the real thing.
  15. :tup: