Cops: Wife, three other women torture husband who cheated

  1. LMAO! :lol::lol::lol: I shouldn't laugh, but serves him right.

    Cops: Wife, three other women torture husband

    August 3, 2009 12:13 PM

    STOCKBRIDGE, Wis. -- Three women who had affairs with a married man are accused of luring him to a motel where, joined by the man's wife, they tied him up and applied Krazy Glue to his private parts.

    Therese Ziemann invited the man to a motel on Thursday, tied him up, promised a massage and then sent text messages to the other women, according to Calumet County prosecutors.
    Once all the women were there, they confronted him about his infidelity, police say. Ziemann punched him in the face and glued his penis to his stomach with Krazy Glue, according to the criminal complaint.

    The women fled the motel when the man started screaming, officials said.

    Charged with false imprisonment are Ziemann, 48, of Menasha, Wis.; Michelle Belliveau, 43, of Neenah, Wis.; Wendy L. Sewell, 43, of Kaukauna; and the man's wife. The Associated Press was not naming the wife to protect the man's identity.

    Authorities say Ziemann punched the man in the face and glued his penis to his stomach.

    The women are free on $200 cash bails.

    -- Associated Press
  2. Say what?? :lol:

    Hope he's feeling better.
  3. I know I shouldn't be laughing, but I am. :lolots:

    However, on the serious side of this, if this had been a woman who cheated and had something similar happen to her, people would be up in arms instead of giggling. They honestly shouldn't have done this. I think there probably was a more constructive way to get their point across, although it wouldn't have had the same shock value. ;)
  4. I know he deserved it but it sounds a but brutal. They could have taken all his clothes and left him naked in the hotel for a laugh instead. :lol:
  5. Bet he'll never cheat again! :lolots:
  6. I guess he will think twice the next time! Wonder how they all got in touch?
  7. They should not have done this. Admittedly, I did laugh when I read this, but it's true: If it were a woman who cheated and men had done this people would not be reacting the same way. They'd be furious.

    There is a big difference between jokingly saying you're going to do something like this and actually doing it.
  8. By no means was it right to do this, but there are plenty of men who have flown into a jealous rage and killed their lovers over indiscretions. Again, that doesn't make this right, but in comparison it is a little bit funny (at least to me). Ultimately, there are consequences when you play with people's emotions. It would be nice if everyone were adult enough not to use any form of physical retribution, but then again it would be nice if everyone were adult enough not to cheat, too!
  9. Oh man, this is horrific but all I can think of is GIRL POWER ! I am glad that the women didn't choose women on women hate, and directed their anger at the guilty party. I don't endorse their actions, but one can't help but laugh !
  10. :lolots:

    Enough said!
  11. Thats hilarous!
  12. I think it serves him right for cheating.
  13. :lol:
  14. damn!! $200 cash bond? LOL

    it is a funny story but it probably won't change anything. one of those women will take him back and he will continue doing what he did before.
  15. Guess he should be glad they weren't members of the Lorena Bobbit fan club!