Copper Zoe vs. Black Patent Zoe

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  1. I found a large copper Zoe and a medium black patent Zoe on clearance today. Which would you chose? I'd love to get both but can only get one right now. Is the copper color too showy or too hard to care for? And, what about caring for the patent leather?
  2. I think the patent looks better, but as far as wear goes I have no idea. i don't want to sound rude, but I thought the copper looked really cheap.
  3. ^^ No offense taken. I appreciate the honesty. I tend to stay away from color in my bags and was thinking of branching out.

  4. I was going to post about this... I got a Editorial Zoe in Copper last week and it already has a smudge on it :Push: and I haven't even used it! :wtf:
    It traveled from the store to my Bf's then to my house and I took it out to discover that smudge right on the middle front :sad:

    I would go for the patent one...
  5. I vote patent...especially with hearing about the metallic rubbing off. I've had no problems with my black patent zoe!
  6. I'd go for the black patent.
  7. If the black zoe would have silver hardware I'd give up my black carly in a heartbeat!

    I think black goes with more. The copper is very "red-dish" and I prefer the bronze over copper. Since that's not an option, i also say black patent :smile:
  8. I've only seen the black patent in person but I'm sort of thinking about getting one!
  9. Definitely the black patent. I love takes nothing to care for it and looks great all the time! I love the zoe in the patents too. I think they are stunning.
  10. Also, it depends on size. I've got a medium and editorial Zoe and would love a large size (right in the middle) and probably would have chosen by size alone.

    I prefer natural leather over patent but then this is metallic and I am a bit nervous about it rubbing off. Either way, check throughly around all the sealant edges as well as the leather to make sure there are no cracks, tears, rub offs. I was thinking of getting a teal patent Sophie until I noticed a little tear in the sealant and even nicked the leather on the strap. Even at 70% off, I turned my back on the bag because of that.

    Good luck on choosing which one you want.
  11. I have the Large Black patent Zoe and she is a GREAT bag, GORGEOUS!!!
    I like the med. but not as good as the large one. I do like the Black over the Copper. Best of Luck!

  12. Yup, as much as I LOVE the copper, and I DO...I almost bought it twice, I've seen several where the metallic rubbed off, so I decided against it. Looks-wise, I like the copper more than the patent, but I'm just afraid this metallic won't hold up!
  13. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I didn't end up getting a Zoe at all. The copper had flaking issues and it felt so smooshy that I suspect it had been purchased, carried, and returned. The corners at the bottom did not retain their shape at all. The black patent just wasn't big enough though I will say that the lining on that bag was TDF! A soon as I find a few minutes I will post a new thread to reveal my purchase.
  14. I saw the black patent yesterday in store and loved it in person! Just wanted to ask how easy the patent leather is to care for, and how well it will last in comparison to normal (non metallic) leather though?
    I really want to use it as an every day bag that I don't have to baby!

    any help is greatly appreciated!!
  15. I have a patent tote, and it requires no special care (so far!).