Copper leather

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  1. I'm still really into metallics -- I have a silver and I have a bronze. I'd really like something in a matte coppery color. Has anyone seen anything? I'd love some direction.

  2. I will keep am eye out for ya
  3. I have some of this stashed. It is called copper. May not be what you are looking for though. It isn't actually metallic, justa dark copper brown with light copper tan showing through in the "creases"
    If it is i can make into a bag for ya.

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  4. Thanks, but that's not quite it..... I do appreciate the offer!
  5. I know these are shoes (BCBGirls cowboy boots to be exact :smile: and I'd like a pair heehee) but is this the color you're talking about?!BCB
  6. Very, very close. What I want is a bit redder. Think about a new penny. other posts you mentioned you like sparkly things and that you like pink....are you sure you're not my 5-year old daughter?! ;)
  7. :P :biggrin: I'm a 26 year old with a 6 year old trapped inside me LOL:nuts: And, I'm not afraid to admit it teehee
  8. That's not a bad thing to be! To be honest, I feel like I'm 26 (I am not...) and I'm very envious of my 5-year old!
  9. I think being 5 was super fun, and that's one age I wouldn't mind repeating! Hence, I think carrying the pink and sparkly bags is very cool :smile:
  10. I have to say that I am 40 ;) something and I love Pink, gold and sparkly things. I have a Gold Suhali Le Fabuleux and that is me :love: But I have to tell you folks that the girls (and guys) turning there heads after my bag are mostly in the range of 3 to 5 years old, they even point there little fingers at my bag and goes oooohhh:smile:

    To the question of cooper leather, that’s a tricky one. I cant recall ever seeing a bag in cooper. The closest I think are these to Fendi Spy bags.

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  11. ^^^Totally agree there :biggrin: I love those spy bags!
  12. Everyone's help is great! Of course, I complicate the issue by not liking the Spy bag.... But those colors (especially the more red one) are great.
  13. Well, how about's a got a mix? Another poster was contemplating this Botkier bag in a different color, and this kind of has the coppery accents/new penny color to it. I think other bags from Botkier (if you are not sold on the shape) come in this coppery tone.

  14. [​IMG]

    about this color
  15. I'm so difficult! I love that color -- its perfect....but I want leather....