Copley Place in Boston

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  1. Hey girls! Just wondering if any of you Boston gals have gone to the Coach Store in Copley Place? I've only ever gotten my Coach online and I wanted to go to an actual store after work and came across this one, which seems prett T accessable. Anyways I was hoping to get a charm for my Legacy Shoulder there and was wondering how their selection is? Thanks!
  2. I go there once in awhile. (maybe once a month or so) I work near there. (like 15 mins walk).

    I believe they are one of the flagship store. They have more items than the one at the Malls.
  3. I am not from Boston but visit there often and love that Coach store. It is beautiful and has much more than my local Coach stores but I am from the midwest and that is pretty normal.

    Go and have fun!!! Enjoy it for me since the nearest flagship store to me is 8 hours away and only accessible by plane and subway combination.
  4. I'm so excited to go! I work off Mass. Ave. so it's just a busride away! I hope I leave with a little somethin. :yahoo:
  5. I have been to that coach store and find that they have good selection. Have fun!!
  6. Candypalmer,

    You work near me. It is that funny. I work at Fenway. It is a much longer walk for me.

    Good Luck! Let us know what you get too!
  7. Hi Candypalmer, I live in Boston too and I love the Copley Coach store. They are really nice and have a great selection, esp. shoes. I also like the Coach store down by Faneuil Hall, though it's smaller. There is a small one in the Atrium Mall in Brookline too, not as much selection. Happy shopping!
  8. It was great! they were SO nice! I got a few charms (flower and pig) and auugh they had a pink Legacy Shoulder that I was DYING for. They were trying to get me to try it on too! Dern them! ;) But wow I love the pink bag. I think I need to start saving up for one! >_>
  9. I have mainly shopped the outlet and I went to the Braintree Mass store in Dec then shortly after visited the Copley's walking distance to work. I LOVED the SA's in Copley. They leave you alone but are right there when you need them to be. I will deffinately shop there in future.

    There is so much Coach on display - I felt like I was in sensory overload.

    Walked through Sacks in the Pru yesterday and saw the Metalic's lovely.
  10. I can't believe we have so many boston ladies here.

    I go to the Boston store once a month. But I got most of my coach bags at Lord and Taylor a lot of times. I waited for the 20% off coupons which comes out once in awhile that you can use on coach. Also, they marked down the coach bags for 25% off and you can use 15% or 20% off coupon.

    I also shop at the outlet. But I haven't got a lot of stuff there.
  11. Is there an outlet in Boston?
  12. I think the closest outlets are Wrentham Village (about 1/2 hour - non rush hour - South) and Kittery Maine about an hour North.

    Then further out....Tilton New Hampshire, Freeport Maine, Lee Massachusetts, There's one in Southern Vt in Manchester and there is one in Clinton Ct.

    Within about 3 hours of Boston there is a serious quantity of Coach for sale.

    Anyone in the Boston Area know of others??? :graucho:

    I've also heard that there is a Wrentham Village type mall that is about to be built in Andover/North Andover area just north of the city...we can be hopeful.
  13. The Coach at Copley is very nice but I usually just go to the one at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree because it's closer to my house. Also the Coach outlet at Wrentham usually has a good selection of stuff but it can get crowded in there sometimes especially during the sale seasons.
  14. congrats on your charms candypalmer! the pig is so adorable. I haven't been to Wrentham in years but next time I go I'm definitely dragging my husband into the Coach store! (After 2 hours in Banana and Ann Taylor of course) haha
  15. I might have to check out those Outlets sometime! I've only lived in the area a year (from a hick town in Missouri no less!) and I still haven't ventured out really.