Coping with loss of Jewellery.

  1. My mother gave me her gate bracelet quite a few years ago and I've come to the terms I lost it.. I'm afraid it's beyond finding as it was at least 5 years ago since I last had it..

    I've been feeling very grief-stricken and can't bare to tell my mum about this..

    I'm lurking on eBay to find one which was similar ;_;

    I also lost my fiance's watch he gave me for our first christmas.

    Sure it may not seem like a loss to some people and they can get ove it but I get very attached and focus too much on problems when nothing can be done.

    Have you lost a piece of jewellery you've never found again? (if so I feel for you :sad: )
  2. No, but I had every bit of jewelry I valued stolen and it was never recovered. And insurance doesn't replace family heirlooms in the sense that you have the same feeling for them.
  3. I suppose I am lucky then :sad:

    Sorry to hear about your bad luck :sad: :crybaby:
  4. When my husband and I were dating, he bought me a pair of gold earrings, I lost one of them in his home the first week. NEVER found it, I have the other one in my jewelry box and it makes me sad to look at it. I felt so guilty about it. :sad: I totally get it.
  5. It is really horrible to lose things... I've lost a couple of things & I always try to replace them so I don't feel so bad about it...

    I'm sure you can replace the bracelet... if you post a pic. I can try & locate one & tell you where - I live in London & work in the jewellery/diamond business...

  6. Thats the worse. :sad:

    Thing is, I'm terrified of losing those things if I was out.. then it'd be near impossible to come across if I moved out.. :<
  7. I found a great replacement but its still £50 and even thought its not much I earn virtually nothing so it'd mean I'd have £30 for the rest of the month -_-;

    This is so depressing :crybaby:

    I need to go to sleep now otherwise I ain't gonna concentrate in uni.

    I'll be back to check this thread tomorow :smile:..
    Night all. x
  8. I understand!

    My Grandma gave me a sterling silver spoon ring that was made from one of her Grandma's spoons--and I lost it!!! I feel so sad when I think of it, because as you know, we can't really replace these things!

    I remind myself that it is just "a thing," and sometimes I accept that, and sometimes I still feel sad and wish I had been more careful! (It's a good lesson, though--I am much more careful now!)
  9. My grandmother from overseas gave me a beautiful vintage pearl bracelet. It was at least two inches wide and looked like threads of gold were woven with cream pearls to form a cuff look. I think it was probably stolen from my home years ago. I get sad because it would have been a wonderful heirloom and reminder of her. She was a neat lady.

    What a sad thread, but a wonderful reminder!:crybaby: I hope you are able to purchase that piece that you lost.
  10. Yes, a few days ago, going through a big box of yesterbling, I lost a pearl.

    Not even a big old natural South Sea pearl or anything, just a regular old 7 or 8mm cultured pearl that had come loose from its pendant home, an ordinary pearl that I could probably replace for $10.

    But because like yours, it had sentimental value, that would just not be the same, I don't really care about gemstones and precious metals, I actually prefer faux, but gifts our mothers give us are just different.

    I didn't pick it out of the box because I especially want a pearl pendant, I wanted the present my mother gave me when I was 16 or something.

    The only coping strategy I can offer is pretty cheesy, but in time I think it may work. It's the thought that counts, goes the old saying, so even if we lose the present, we still have the memory of having gotten it, and we can't lose that, nor can we lose the memory of the love with which the gift was bestowed, and I would certainly rather have that than the pearl :smile:
  11. I also had most of my jewellery stolen by a cleaner that i had employed when i was disabled. She must have thought i was a really easy target as i could not even get up the stairs (i was in a wheelchair at the time) and had just recently had major surgery. Alot of the things stolen could never be replaced. I obviously never saw her again and the address and references she had given me were all false.:sad:
  12. Aw I'm sorry for everyone who has posted so far. It being stolen is the worst so you have my deepest consolences rosie ;_;

    @suzi- that sounded like a great piece of jewellery :smile: I'm sorry about the loss :sad:

    @snowwhite- yeah it is a good lesson to us all, still, can't help crying over it :sad:!

  13. I lost a ring my boyfriend gave me once. I went back into the store and got a replacement, but I have no idea where it went. Which is the most frustrating thing ever. Anyway, I hope you can get a similar one cheaply :smile:
  14. I am so sorry :push: I know it hurts

    Find something pretty, a jewelry box or a decorative box you really like to look at, and religiously put your precious things there every night before you sleep. Make it a ritual, or this kind of sad thing repeats itself over and over.

    Doesn't fix the items that fall of our wrists or earrings that suddenly aren't there, unfortunately. But it helps. Good luck!
  15. I feel ya, I have lost so many items of jewelry over my 23 years of life. Countless rings, bracelets, earrings are the worst. I can't even count the number of times I only have one earring at the end of the night. I don't know what's wrong with me. The one item that I feel the worst about is a gucci watch that my mom bought me. It wasn't extremely expensive but my mother gave it to me and I feel so bad about losing it. I also lost my LV wallet with a grand cash in it, but I don't feel as bad about that as my watch. So don't feel too badly, there's always unluckier people out there :smile: Life is too short, live it, don't dwell on trifles :smile: