Copies of B-bags getting close...

  1. That bag is actually authentic.The pic. is stolen from another persons auction. What a shame.
  2. OMG! That looks exactly like my grey city!
  3. I was going to ask, what is wrong with the Bales? It looked good to me
  4. Oh Ranskimmie say it isn't so...
  5. Yeah looks like stolen pictures to me too.
  6. Fakers will never master the gorgeous bbag leather!
  7. Hate to say it but about 98% of the Bbags on ebay are all from stolen pics right now. Be extremely careful, I do not know how they are getting away with this. BE SURE to post pics here before you purchase anything off of ebay right now or ever for that matter.:hrmm:
  8. Oh I just thought the bales looked a little round, but I could be totally wrong. The weird thing about this auction is that it is "pick up only," which means that the seller is FULLY responsible if the buyer picks it up and has the option to make the face-to-face exchange.

    And yes, I thought the leather looked really nice, especially the close-up one on the bag's corner. Such a shame that the pictures were stolen.... boo :sad:
  9. that's really frightening
    ugghhh! that's why i don't use ebay
  10. Its really not too bad if you just buy from well known sellers that the pf girls here know. I have some real beauties I purchased off of e-bay.
  11. Yea I agree Kimmie. I just purchased a White First at a great price and Mimi's Magenta First. Just post here before you bid.
  12. Yep, you really cant go wrong. We are all here to help everyone if your confused about a certain Bbag;)
  13. I agree--you can't go just with the photos any more because so many are stolen--especially with these recent rash of 10 feedback sellers, all of which have 10 "good" feedback comments. It's best to know who you're buying from at this point. It's sad...
  14. I really don't get it... from the pics it's look very authentic. How do you know it's a stollen pics? Is it based on the initial price? gee... it's really scared me to buy anything from ebay now... I pledge that I have to buy from the store only...!!