Copay q's for OBGYN for prenatal care

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  1. I have a question regarding copayment. I hesitated to call up my obgyn or insurance just in case this has such an obvious answer.

    Whenever I go to my obgyn, I pay $25 for copayment. I am only on week 6 and I estimate there will be around 14 to 15 visit to my obgyn for my prenatal care.
    Perhaps the schedule is something like this:
    week 4 to 28 - every 4 weeks
    week 28 to 36 - every 2 to 3 weeks
    week 36 to deliver - everyweek

    Of course the schedule/visit varies between obgyn, some might want to see me less and some more.
    Don't get me wrong, I would love to see my doctor as often as possible if that means they can check things are okay with my pregnancy. I just can't imagine the amount of copayment that I have to pay for every visit. I am self-employed but we are using DH's insurace from his company.

    Before I make a fool of myself asking my obgyn or my insurance, is there a "payment plan" with prenatal care? I mean is it possible that I don't have to pay copay when I visit my obgyn everytime? Perhaps instead of paying $25 for 15 times, I can only pay $150 then it goes from week 4 to delivery time?

    Any experience you can share would be helpful.
  2. I only had to pay my co-pay the first time I went. It may depend on your insurance though. I don't think it would be foolish to call and ask though.
  3. ^^ me too...but i did have to pay a co-pay for the times i had in-office ultrasounds, if i got a referral and had it done else where, i didn't have to was very odd.
  4. I'm almost 30 weeks and have not paid anything, not even a copay per visit yet. I asked about this at my last appt. and according to my insurance, after I deliver I will owe $675 for everything provided by my doctor. I assume the hospital bill will come later and be higher, but I guess at my OB when you are pregnant, all the costs associated just roll up into one bill that you pay after.
  5. I normally have to pay a copay when I see the OB/Gyn. When I went to my first apppointment they did not asked for a copay. I then got a bill for blood work that was done. I was puzzled so I called HR and asked them about my insurance coverage. Found out that I had $200 in deductible and then 20/80 cost there after. I discovered that OB would bill me after I give birth and gave me a rough amount. Then told me roughly the cost of hospital stay. It would be a good idea the find out what your insurance plan covers.
  6. I only paid a co-pay on my first visit as well and nothing else. But I do have a deductible. You should check with your insurance company. Do you have a deductible as well? If you don't maybe the co pays are better!!! :smile:
  7. This is how my current doctor's office does it too... they bill us at the end for whatever we're going to end up owing. (Which I have no clue what it's going to end up being, and should probably find out!) However, it might depend on your individual doctor's office too, not just the insurance. I switched doctor's midway through and they bill differently.

    At the first OB, I paid a co-pay every time I went in, at the new place I don't pay a co-pay and they bill me at the end. I have no clue why it's so different, my insurance has been the same the whole time.
  8. I didn't have a co-pay for pre natal visits, but I did have a co-pay for the birth, and I had to pay about 5 grand! That is with insurance :sad:
  9. I have had to pay only one co-pay for the first visit then nothing after that except for what my insurance didn't cover (cost difference of private room at delivery rather than a room which is shared) and deductible but those things were not billed until after my insurance had paid all of their part and I had already delivered. My experience has been the same with my past two and current pregnancy. I would agree that if you are concerned you should definitely call. Your insurance company and OB-GYN's office is there to answer your questions.
  10. Most insurance companies cover standard pre-natal visits with no co-pay required. But you will definitely need to contact your insurer to find out what they cover, what any co-pays or deductibles will be, etc. I never paid a penny for my prenatal visits and my standard hospitalization deductible was $200, so I was very lucky I had great insurance.
  11. I had the same as dell. No copay for prenatal visits, but paid 10% of the hospital/surgical costs.

    I agree with HauteMama that you should call your insurance company (should have a number on the back of your card) and double-check. I also thought that most of them didn't have a copay for prenatal care. Make sure you ask specifically about pre-natal and not just "OB visit."
  12. Same with me too, I payed co-pay for my first visit and nothing since. They bill for the pregnancy after the baby is born.
  13. OB's typically bill pregnancy under a 'universal service charge' ; as far as the insurance company is concerned, their entire treatment of you for your pregnancy counts as one visit. You usually have to pay a co-pay on your first visit (and depending on the insurance company, the doctor has the option of billing any visits before 12 weeks seperately, but all visits after 12 weeks fall under the universal service charge), and if your insurance does not cover labs 100% or if you have a deductable -- then you will get billed seperately out of pocket for bloodwork, vaginal cultures, and ultrasounds. If you want to minimize costs, find an OB that does their own in-house ultrasounds -- those usually get billed at a lesser rate than freestanding radiology centers or hospital based radiology centers & you won't get an extra $200 fee for a radiology read from the radiologist.
  14. Thank you all :smile: Calling my OB and insurance did help.
    My OB will charge on the first 2 copay visit because those are to confirm pregnancy, the rest then will be billed "globally". She'll let me know on my insurance benefits etc when I come in later.
  15. No question is ever "too foolish" to ask... even if the charge is the same for everybody. Remember YOU are the one paying for service rendered therefore you have the right to know.