Cootie-Queen is home at last........

  1. Hi Guys!!!!! I missed you!!!!! Just finished doing a little catching up on tPF with a massive case of jet-lag (here i am up at 3:00 AM!) cup-a-Joe in hand and having fun reading some posts!

    so........what's new girls? :graucho:
  2. Welcome back Shopmom.

    I think the question is - what's new with you???? Did you get anything? HermesGroupie refuses to give us a New York report on you.

    Have you shed the cooties?? LOL
  3. Hooray !! I needed some good news today ! Missed you !

    Glad you're back, can't wait to hear of all your adventures !
  4. And I want to see what you bought!!!
    Welcome home!
  5. Welcome home! We all missed you! Eagerly waiting for your stories.:P :heart:
  6. Hang on a second there..

    Is that a new acquisition I spy in your avatar???

    Come on. We all want to know....
  7. A new Kelly, shopmom? Tell Tell!!
  8. Ain't I a stinker, WN?!!! But I didn't tell D, despite all the Himalaya torture and cyber butt-kicking. Not a word came out of me. :P

    Missed ya', D!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed your trip.:flowers:

    The cooties you left behind did some damage. Baggs and I got sick, along with the rest of NYC.:s I didn't have enough time to even get my cootie shots. But you and your cooties are always welcome in NYC.:yes:
  9. Welcome home!!
  10. Hurrayyyy!!! You're back at last!!!:yahoo: Things were pretty quiet here without you!;) Spill the beans girl! we've been kept in the dark by all the NYC girls of your doings there...WE WANT TO KNOW!!!:hysteric:
  11. welcome home D! can't wait to hear stories!
  12. Welcome home! I know you didn't come empty handed.... :smile:
  13. Welcome home D! Okay, niceties aside, spill it!! :P We've been patiently waiting, and can't wait to hear all about your NY excursion as well as your trip to Italy!
  14. Welcome back! You were missed! Can't wait to hear about your trip and your trophies ;)!
  15. HI!!! Welcome back! Soooooo... come on now, tell us EVERYTHING!! :yes: