Coolest dog treat toy!

  1. I second this toy! We got one for my golden that does spend some time alone during the day. I switch up the type of dog kibble that is put in the cube. She loves to pounce, paw and nose the toy around the kitchen. That said (and she really does love playing with it)... it is the loudest toy that we probably have. The dry kibble shakes around in the hollow plastic. I fill 'er up and run out of the house. But can confidently leave her for a bit knowing she has something to keep her occupied!
  2. Cool! It's kind of like a Kong. I'm gonna get one for my dog since she doesn't like to eat from her bowl when no one is home. Maybe she'll actually eat from this! Thanks for posting!!
  3. I have this toy as well. It really does keep a food motivated dog busy. Another favorite of ours is the kong red ball that is hollow in the middle. We stuff in small dog biscuits or peanut butter and our pups stay entertained for about 1/2 hour. I like these toys because it keeps them from chewing on forbidden items.
  4. It is great and is indestructable as well!
  5. That looks like a lot of fun!

    How easy is it to clean out the inside?
  6. cool! very similar to a Kong, as someone else posted.
  7. I have the Buster Cubes. I think they are hard to clean both taking out the center piece and cleaning all the grooves. Dishwasher maybe? That is how I clean the kongs anyway. If you are not sure you want to spend $15 on a BC try a dry water bottle or milk carton with some kibble inside. You cannot leave the dog alone with it but you can see if the pooch thinks batting a toy around for a goodie once in a while is fun or not. They are much quieter as well. And less likely to roll under the furniture.
  8. i need to try this for my dog! thanks for posting.
  9. Thanks for the post! My dog is left alone for a few hours at a time most days and I'm really contemplating getting her this so she won't be as bored.

    She LOVES food.
  10. You are all very welcome! :smile:
  11. How cool!!! I have the Kong as well, but I have yet to see this cube.. I will look for it!
  12. wowwww what a wonderful toy! thanks sooo much for sharing this with us! im going to get one for my boyfriend's dog and maybe one for my puppies too heh
  13. I have to get that Kong toy too! It looks like fun for my puppy!
  14. I saw these at the store and wasn't sure if they would keep a dog entertained. Have to buy one and see if my dogs like them. We've been stuffing Kongs with ziggies and peanut butter.