Cool web site within

  1. You can use this web site to check and see what bag coach assosciates with a style number.

    So if you are looking at ebay or something, and your auction says it is bag number 8A41- put 8A41 where 5708 is in the link & the bag will come up.
  2. Hm...I know this worked when I played with it last week...but now I'm getting a message that coach is updating their web page...let me work on it and get back with you.
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  3. Yeah don't worry about it.. I was trying to look up the availability of a hobo on and got the same message. I guess they're still updating the site with all the new fall stuff so I bet once that's done your link will be back in action!
  4. Cant wait! This sounds really cool.
  5. It's working now.:smile: Thanks for posting the link.
  6. One thing to keep in mind would be that the color doesn't matter! So if you're looking at say a brown coach demi on ebay and type in 6094 and a green demi pops up.. it doesn't mean it's fake! All colors have the same style number so just check to make sure the style number matches the SHAPE of the bag.
  7. So glad its working now! I was so excited when I found out about this link!!
  8. I still dont see the link, everytime I click on it a picture just pops up of this --

  9. ^yup that's what's supposed to show up initially. To get the "trick" to work just change the last 4 numbers or so of the link on the top of your address bar to the serial number of the bag you're interested in and it should work! Did that sound confusing? I just re-read that and :upsidedown:

    Basically on the top of your browser window where it will say

    change ONLY the 5078 to the serial number of the bag you're interested in and hit enter. It should take you to a picture of the bag that matches the serial #.

    Nifty huh?

    Thanks shellbell7 for figuring this out! :flowers:
  10. It doesn't work for my straight to outlet bags don't show up...but most of the stuff I bought from a coach boutique in the past year and a half it works for...just not aways showing my color. But even the accessories its working on (I keep track of all my purchases including the style numbers on a spreadsheet!).
  11. Whoa that is like the coolest thing I've seen in a while! Thank you very much for posting this, I would of never thought of even trying to do something like that! I'll deffinately be using it to compare to bags on eBay! Thanks again!
  12. ^^ Nice! Thanks girls, I used to just type "COACH [style # here]" into Google, but I like this better because it just takes you straight to an image whereas Google I had to pick them out (oy!).
  13. Hehe, I'm just playing around with it now typing in random styles. I'm getting cute stuff, this is neat! Look what I got when I typed 8A75 --

  14. 8A57


    8A12 (I really like this!)

    8A22 (hey its my black purse in all suede!)

  15. Look! Little notepads (I think)!



    And organizers things (lol) --