Cool Thrift Shops in NYC

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm going to NYC in a week. I usually shop at Barneys, IF, BG etc. but this time I wanted to look into vintage. Can you give me names of cool thrift shops in Manhatten? Thanks for any names.
    I'm so excited about going. Haven't been in NYC for a few years.
  2. Cool as in have nice stuff and even nicer prices cool or claustrophobic mess but you might find some real gems for cheap cool?
  3. My favourite store is Tokio 7 ! :smile:
  4. Btw, you can read about the store here.
  5. The former. Rather more easily find a designer/edgy/well made item for more $. More interested in vintage than cheap. Good question!

  6. Oh yes......I heard about this years ago. Thanks for reminding me. I'll go to the link. Thank you so much!
  7. Buffalo Exchange
  8. I second tokyo 7.

    Others are:
    Second time around
  9. Vintage is different from consignment. The lower east side has a lot of good vintage places - Narnia and Edith Machinist come to mind.

  10. Yes...the term Vintage has been been misused, maligned and misunderstood for a while now, and I'm afraid I am adding to that. I am meaning the generalized term rather than the strict definition. I mainly want cool pieces and if they are 40's or last season, I'm good. So I love knowing about these two places and I am most appreciative.
  11. Tried and true and probably a lot more interesting than the one in my town. Thanks!

    I will definitely check these and good to have your vote for tokyo 7 as well. Thank you!
  12. In addition to Buffalo Exchange and Tokio 7, I would recommend you also check out Beacon's Closet and Crossroads Trading Co.