Cool things you've learned today

  1. In medical terminology, ren/o and nephr/o both mean kidney.

    But you'd say, "I had renal failure so I went to see a nephrologist. He told me I needed surgery and referred me to a urologist."

    (Well, that's interesting to ME!)

    Anyone learn anything cool today that they'd like to share with everyone?
  2. I learned how flamable my RL sweatshirt is....I was cutting over the center of a table, didn't realize my sweatershit was hanging over a candle and I started smelling smoke -next think I knew my selve was on fire - luckily, I blew it out in time and I was sweatshirt which has a nice hole in it though....not the smartest thing I learned today...

    ...I know, Da Chicago Bears (Da Bears) are heading to the Super Bowl -that's huge!!!!
  3. I learned that I can let things go :angel:

    ie heated threads when you aren't going to persuade anyone to your opinion and posting more will just be futile pointless typing, LOL!!!
  4. I learned a friend of mine has an agressive form of stomach cancer. It's so sad...she's young (30s) with 4 young children....
  5. Oooops...that's not "cool". Sorry! It's just been on my mind.
  6. that I have absolutely no clue as to how to tell when a dog goes into labor. And I have 5 numbers to call if she does.
  7. ^^ your friend is in my prayers..
  8. Actually if you went into renal failure you would see a nephrologist.
  9. The nephrologist specializes in kidneys, but the urologist does the surgery on them.

    Maybe I didn't make the sentence clear enough: "I had renal failure, so I went to see a nephrologist.

    The nephrologist told me I needed surgery, so he sent me to a urologist to do the surgery."
  10. hey hmwe46!

    i learned that the other day myself. to be perfectly honest the more i read on internet forums the more my own bad habits become apparent to me and i make the necessary changes. :yes:
  11. I learned that Liquid Plumber will eat a hole through velour track pants.

    (I keep clogging my bathoom sink with paper pulp. <I make paper.> Usually, I will rinse my screens and moulds outdoors but it has been too cold.)
  12. I leaned how to take out the battery from a car. :idea:
  13. i learned that you can specify "no visitors" when you're in the hospital and they actually enforce it! (this is very exciting to me. i didn't know you could do that and have people actually follow it....then again, i'm probably the only person on the planet who DOESN'T want visitors when i'm there) i also re-learned how to write a birthing plan.
  14. I learned that it is not smart to wait till 11pm the night before 2 online diabetes modules are due to start reviewing them..
  15. Learned that my neighbours puppy has arrived, he's too cute, Basil is his name:yes: