cool SO ideas

  1. I hope we havent done this already but I seem to have SO bags on the mind :smile:

    what would be a cool SO, money aside?

    I was thinking, the pochette marelle in Azur: it would be a cool shoulder bag for summer :girlsigh:
  2. The problem is is that there are sooo many rules on SOs!! I mean i seriously would wish to have a mc pap but it will never happen!
    I would like to SO a mini noe in damier!
  3. they don't make a noe in damier? i just assumed they did :confused1:

    but yeah, I think this thread should be more of a wish-list, regardles of the rules and prices os SOs

    I agree with you that a mc papillon would be cool.
  4. Why won't they make the MC Pap? Is that how everyone knew that Paris's was a fake? LV said they won't make one?
  5. I'm sure you could have an SO damier Noé. I*ve seen one in the chocolat ebony leather used on the damier trim, so why they couldn't make one in regualr damier is beyond me.
  6. I always dream of a vernis speedy!
  7. Someone asked about this in another thread, and I thought it would be a cool idea: an Alma in Damier Azur.
  8. I have a couple,
    Bosphore Backpack in Damier either type

    Azur Noe with a different trim, maybe (fantasy now lol ).. the new Suhali silver :smile: and a longer strap so it can go cross body comfortably.

    I want to be able to SO Suspenders/bracers for my husband, they wont do it, say they wont SO accessories, but they dont even make them ( .. he wears them all the time and would so love to get some made.
  9. damier speedy 35!
  10. I've been considering that one for a few days :happydance:
  11. I'd loooove a Multicolore Papillon!
  12. LV won't SO any MC handbags or small leather goods. If I remember correctly, for every one bag that they make, they would have to make four more or something like that, which wouldn't be efficient since MC is a lot harder and expensive to make?

    I would LOOOOOOOOOVE to have a Suhali Carryall
  13. Azur noe with bleu shuali goat skin trim... :drool: Or just a royal blue suhali goat skin Noe with chocolate crocodile trim lined in goat leather. :love:
  14. STOP
    DROOL!!!! :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  15. I want the Turquoise Ostrich Pap 30 technically a custom order rather than special order

    Special order I want a Damier Elipse