Cool Site to leave feedback for your buyers!

  1. I look forward to using it... Thanks for posting.
  2. How will that even work if eBay withdraw the negative option??
  3. Because it's not pulled from Ebay. The seller would go onto this site to leave the negative feedback for the buyer (at least that's what I am thinking from looking at the site).
  4. But eBay are not going to even have the option available which once again makes me question how this can even work. I would also imagine that if there was some loophole in the site, which is highly unlikely, you would be in breach of your user agreement and eBay could boot you

    Or do you mean you leave negative feedback on that actual site? What would be the point of that??
  5. I don't think that eBay will look kindly on those who use this service... After all it must be against their new Terms and Conditions surely?
  6. Isn't it just a site like "toolhaus" is where we can go and look to see what buyers are doing to sellers and then block them on our block buyer's list if we want to? It has nothing to do with Ebay, it's off site.
  8. Except toolhaus pulls from Ebay's feedback data I believe. This is independent because there would be no negative feedback for buyers to pull from because Ebay will be doing away with it.
  9. Nice thought... but I don't know about the real life application.

    It seems to me that it IS independent. What is to stop people from putting false claims out there with no worry about being stopped?

    I guess I just don't get it, maybe I need to read into the site more...
  10. Sites exactly like this have been tried many times in the last 10 years, and never caught on. This will probably suffer the same fate.
  11. you are probably correct but this has a little more chance IMO because of the no negative feedback for buyers situation...
  12. Sellers can't leave negatives for buyers anymore? Is there a link to the new terms for sellers? I looked on eBay and couldn't find them. I am not a seller but am very curious about this. It doesn't seem fair.
  13. That's what a lot of sellers are protesting! I don't think it's fair either. There are bad buyers as well as bad sellers. I'd like to know who they are when they are bidding on my things.
  14. I don't get this policy - there are as many PITA buyers as there are PITA sellers.