Cool news from work!

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  1. So I was working at Coach Saturday and guess who I saw after I came back from break! It was Kimber from Nip/Tuck (Kelly Carlson):nuts: I was so excited and at first I did a double take thinking to myself, is that just someone who really looks like her? Is it her? I have never encountered a celebrity before and once I got confirmation from my managers that it was her I just couldn't believe it.

    I guess she knew one of the past SA's that use to work at Mall of America and their families were friends. Kelly definitely brought in a crowd of people and made the store very hectic.

    There was a guy who was waiting for his girlfriend and couldn't keep his eyes off Kelly.

    She was wearing the large, black leather carly too so that was neat to see! So any girls out there that have the same carly so does she:P
  2. How exciting! And she carries Coach - too cool..
  3. wow, lucky you to have seen her! I'm jealous, I loved her on nip/tuck, I thought she was really pretty and I liked her character...she knew what she wanted! :P
  4. I love her on Nip/Tuck...she's so pretty! That's great that she's a Coach/Carly fan!!!!!
  5. I have the small black neat for you to have seen her!!
  6. lucky! i love kelly clarkson!
  7. me too but she said Kelly Carlson;)
  8. Cool!! You should've asked her when the new season of Nip/Tuck was coming on!!
  9. I love nip/tuck, too bad they make us wait a whole year or more between seasons. Ahhh Julian, I mean Cristian, he is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

    Sorry. Went off dreaming there for a sec.
  10. oh that is cool news. i guess she didn't buy anything huh because you didn't say anything bout that. i don't think i've ever seen a celebrity either in person shopping around. if i were that dood waiting for his gf, i'd be look too ;)
  11. How excitin!
  12. How cool!
  13. How cool!! I **love** Nip/Tuck! I saw online somewhere that they are going to start filming the new season soon!
  14. aw man, you get her and all we get is Larry Birkhead buying baby bags and stuff :yucky:
  15. cool!

    i've never seen anyone famous (okay once i saw ty pennington from extreme home makeover in nyc, but that doesn't count)
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