Cool new format!

  1. Love the new format- all the smiley's on the bottom! :yes::tup::woohoo::flowers:
  2. Gives more room for the editor form field and more smilies can be shown that way. :tup: :welcome:
  3. Me likey!
  4. LOVE it!!!:yes:
  5. I kept thinking something was different! I thought I was pressing a different button! Great idea!
  6. You user control panel has also undergone a small redesign.
  7. Vlad, so you really *are* doing work all day long???!
  8. Neh, I usually just sit on my thumbs and twiddle them all day.
  9. Thanks for the change - I hated having to rumage through the list ! :smile:
  10. Love everything about the new format! Thanks!
  11. Very cool feature! You guys are great. Thanks for all your hard work! :flowers:
  12. You can sit on your thumbs and twiddle them at the same time? We always knew you were gifted! :p
  13. Bleh, I meant sitting on my butt and twiddling my thumbs.

    I wish I could twiddle them while sitting on them, too.
  14. Me likey too! ;)
  15. It's always good to have goals, Vlad. Gives you something to work on! :lol: