Cool Motorcyle Boots

  1. Have you seen them in stores??? I looked around locally but I haven't been able to find... see... touch... try them. Here's a pic from NM catalog
  2. from this year?
  3. Yes, the pic is from a fall accessories catalog.
  4. i saw those last month at chanel in waikiki. give them a try :smile:
  5. NM is sold out. I tried to get them about a month ago. :sad:
  6. ^I would have loved to see you wearing those motorcycle boots !!!!!
    Find a pair and next meeting we have- jazz em up...
    Did the hubby like them
  7. The only minus is the brown heel to the black boot, but knowing me, I'd probably dye those suckers black. Yes, Joe thought they were cool -- but not as fab as the ones from years back. They were total biker boots, more Goth-like! I used to have a dirt bike (Yamaha) when I lived in S.F. Much fun sans getting caught in the rain.