Cool Magenta Shoulder

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  1. That's pretty but it is way to expensive for that little thing..
  2. OMG - that price is rediculous!!!! Cute bag though.
  3. Oh I would die for it :drool: .... but I'm not willing to pay that price :sad: - I could buy a bigger bag for this - too bad :shame:
  4. yeah, honestly, her prices are out of the park, that's $300 above retail :Push:
  5. I agree about the price! I wonder what she's thinking? She used to have really fair prices IMO but not anymore!
  6. I completely agree. She used to be a seller who was not communicative but you could get good deals from. Now she's an uncommunicative seller who is overpricing her items. Hmph.
  7. This is when it makes me feel sad that by our demand we've inflated prices so much... I wonder whether she will bring the prices back down if no one bites... doubt it, but even so, it would take more than a couple of bags not selling.
  8. this price takes the wind out of my sail, saps my enthusiasm. :blah:Price is a HUGE component of the overall desirability of something. I don't have the energy to watch this bag through 8 listing cycles to see if she'll ever arrive at a reasonable price. I'm exhausted already.

    To put things in perspective, I just bought the 05 Olive City (yes, that was me:graucho: ) for more than $100 less than this magenta shoulder. :s
  9. Whoa, Deco! you must have quite a collection growing in Colorado. The count was at 13 last time I checked, and you've had a few rounds of congratulations since :graucho: but hey, who's counting :drool::drool::drool:
    Congrats! group photo, please :love:
  10. Thanks Slinkies! The count is about accurate, although you may recall Sac-Religious Twiggy is going back.
  11. Since her description at the top says "05 Magenta Office", I wonder if she left the Office price on there by mistake as well. Of course that seems low for an Office but I wonder...

  12. OMG good riddance on that one!
  13. In typical fashion, she's already declined one offer!
  14. I have bought four things from this seller and have always had a very good experience. I think she is fair. That is, sometimes she prices low and sometimes she prices high. I have gotten deals when she has priced low so I am not going to complain when she prices high (after all, this is her business and her business is to make money off obsessed people like ourselves). At the end, she does offer the option of best offer. I am sure she hopes to get her BIN (who wouldn't?) but she present a best offer option. To tell you the truth, I have listed bags and I have been uncommunicative at times. For the most part, it is when they are presenting a low ball offer or just are very demanding or unfriendly. Perhaps some people have asked her questions in a friendly manner and she has not responded but she may be busy or may not be interested in selling to that person.

    It has been said before but can we stop criticizing sellers especially those that sell authentic bags and that are trustworthy? I understand that people get frustrated with pricing or lack of response but she at the end of the day, you don't need to buy from her. I will continue to do so as I know that she is great to work with and that she has a huge inventory of bags and that they are authentic.

    btw, there are at least three other magentas on ebay right now that are priced at $300 over retail.