Cool, fun book totes for college student?

  1. For the past 3 years of college I've used my regular purse (whatever designer it may be at the time) and I'd carry my books my hand, stuffing novels/agenda's in my bag. This semester I have more books than I'm comfortable carrying, lol. I've tried for the past 6 weeks - and I think my stubborness is giving way ;). I'm looking for cute, funky shoulder totes - book totes. Nothing expensive - just fun, cute - just to carry around campus. Any help (pics and links!) appreciated! :heart:
  2. what type of price range are we talking?! :smile: just to have an idea what fits in what you are looking for !!! I am a student too so i knowww what you are talking about!
  3. ^^^ It doesn't need to hold alot - we're talking maybe 2 textbooks (literature, etc - nothing huge like med texts or anything), a notebook, and a spanish-english dictionary
  4. Hi, this is a huge bag by someone called, funnily enough, the funkybaglady :smile: :

    17"wide x 24" tall

    Etsy :: the APPLE OF MY EYE bag

    $28 plus shipping

  5. That apple bag is so cute!
  6. Awww some of them are sooo cute!
  7. how about a tokidoki/lesportsac bag?? those always brighten my day up!!