Cool Change Skirt/Dress

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  1. Hi guys!

    Do any of you have this skirt? I know it was super popular for the past couple summers. I've wanted to order it but I'm afraid that it's see-through... some of them seem see-through completely, some don't at all... maybe it depends from dress to dress?

  2. Yep. Stick with the darker colors for Cool Change dresses. The lighter ones are better to be worn as a cover-up for a bikini (yes, the lighter colors are on the sheer side). Hope this helps.
  3. Better yet, Juicy sells some nice terry and velour coverups in the same style, but more opaque, so there's no surprises. : )
  4. Thanks, Vuitton! I have quite a few of those Juicy smocked dresses but they're a little too short on my to wear anywhere but poolside.

    I will stick to the darker colors for Cool Change. Thanks!
  5. Maybe it sounds old-fashioned, but you can always wear a slip!