Cool Business Card Cases?

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  1. Hey all,

    I am looking for a business card case. (For my cards). Basically one that won't get lost in my purse because it looks like my chapstick or something. No black. But I am game for anything. Any ideas?
  2. Humm.. someone has to come out of cyber space with some help for you!! Let's see if there are any responses!
  3. Coach usually has some brightly colored ones, along with the standard brown and black. I have a magenta mini-sig from last year, and it definitely does not get lost in my purse!!
  4. I saw some metallic leather card cases and metal with prints at Nordstroms over the wknd. They are not on the website though; if you have a Nordstrom nearby it might be worth the stop-in.
  5. i'm generally not a kate spade fan but i do think her business card cases are adorable........
    this is my favorite.....also available in a cream i think
  6. [​IMG]
    There's these that you can engrave?
  7. Ooohh, the engraving ones are nice!
  8. I was going to recommend Kate Spade as well...I have one of them, and it's served me well over the years. I really recommend going to Nordstroms (both women's and men's accessories) - they usually have a variety of card holders to choose from, in various price points.
  9. Those envelope ones are so cute. Think I'll have to check out a flagship Nordstrom's the smaller outpost didn't have a great selection.

    Great suggestion!
  10. I love the ones from Classic Hardware, they're just so kitschy and fun: ... I have the Naughty and Nice one. :amuse: