Cool Britainnia!

  1. To my surprise I saw the Union Jack bag at Heathrow Terminal 3, couldn't resist, broke my ban and got it!

    Now have to definately sell my cambon and denim cabas to pay for it though.
  2. OMG! This is fantastic. How much was it? I have seen Keira Knightley with one.
  3. that is one hell of a cool bag! lol!! it reminds me of the UK flag on the mini cooper!!! oh, i am hoping you're joking about selling your cambon and denim cabas for this! i would keep the cabas if i were you.
  4. It was 1298 GBP (including 15% tax off), it was released ages ago so I was surprised to see it, the SA said it was held for such a long time for a very special customer whose husband brought it for her from France in the end, she was then going to purchase it for her daughter but changed her mind, lucky me! yayyyyyyyyyy I wonder how many were made?
  5. gosh I wouldnt have been able to jet off without here either

    What an incredible bag. Many congratulations, you are so lucky :smile:
  6. That is really hot!!

    wish it came in the US flag!
  7. I absolutely love it, I really do :yes:. I wouldn't have been able to leave without it either. It's so different looking, and so cute. I was never a fan of the perfo line, but I'd make the exception for this bag. It's just so unique, you turn a lot of heads with this one :tup:
  8. we need modeling pictures!!
  9. wow - thats something!
    Modeling pic!!:okay:
  10. Love It!
  11. So not too much more than a normal flap - that's great! I bet it will be worth a lot in the future. Is it a limited edition?
  12. Excellent choice!!! Very beautiful, love the bright colors!!!


  13. I think the point of it being in a Union Jack (and also the charm of it) is because it gives it a 60s mod look. That's what I love about it. The mods used to have union jack flags on their scooters. But you're right, it would be cool to see it in other flags too!
  14. Wow what a cool looking Chanel...loving it! Congrats and enjoy!!!:love: It sure is worth of breaking a ban.
  15. The britania was for last year. I was searching for it, but no luck. Dow much was it? It is my dream bag and i am still searching for it. But they never sold it in the states. I did call the boutiques in london, but none of them had it. You are so lucky.