Cool bags fr. Fall/Winter 06-07


Love them!!:love:
yea, I'm in the minority and i dont care too much for the metallic either but the first bag looks interesting.

these bags look like bags I'll see on those living "statues" in San Francisco.
Ooooohhh I'm sooooo sad about the fall/win 06-07 show :cry: Dosen't MJ know by now that white multicolor fur is just not good?:weird: I mean there are so many people that don't even like the multicolor (and I'm not one of them) but in fur??? The best bags in the collection were the metallic bags and I didn't really like those. Those bags reminded me of the year I went as tin man for halloween (hmmmm...I was 10). What an awesome and sinful luxurious trick or treat bag that speedy would have made :lol::lol:.