Cool bags for a 50 year old?

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  1. I would appreciate your views on which designer bags are a little bit edgy but still fairly classic to suit me as I reach the big 50!
    I'm terrified of looking as if I'm
    trying too hard but also don't want to look like Mrs Thatcher! (she looked appropriate , but I'm not a PM!!)

  2. I don't think age needs to limit what bags you carry as long as you like them. Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga and many other are nice..
  3. How about a Stam?? It's not too structured and would suit all ages. I have a bag in a similar style (not designer) and its cute.
  4. I second the Marc Jacobs Stam (if that is in your price range)

    Or, maybe the Alexander Wang Rocco duffle, a LV Speedy-type shape and not large like a duffle, even with the name (one 'with' a shoulder strap) if you like studs. They are on the bottom, so not 'in your face' if you want to be a little more circumspect.

    I have them, and I am soon-to-be 54.
  5. I suggest Tods. They are beautiful classic bags, and it won't look like you're trying to hard.
  6. any bag u like! carrying a bag is about what mood your in rather than age! MHO
  7. I am loving the new Celine Luggage handbags.
  8. I think Elliespurse you're probably right! Attitude is so important as to how you appear to others !

    Thereare some lovely bags suggested , thanks everyone ,I don't know the Marc Jacobs , so will investigate!
    I love the Celine luggage too and Tods in a darker colour perhaps as my tan hasn't worn very well.
  9. Totally agree, wear what you like, don't let a number define you!

  10. i'm going to be 53 tomorrow and wear whatever i want!!! if i love it, i buy it and use it! life is short and there are so many things that go on that are devastating....if you love something, wear it and rock it!
  11. Personally I think it does matter if we wear clothing or bags that are inapproprate for our ages.

    You can check out my collection (in my signature) for what I'm wearing...and I'm nearly 50.
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  12. I'm in my mid-40s and I look around 30-34, but I believe attitude is more important than years. Wear what you like. Some things are inappropriate (e.g. a Hello Kitty backpack or anything with bling), but a bag is a great way of being chic, youthful and classy all at once. I always remember Sarah Jessica Parker, when asked if she had a pink phone like Carrie, replying "No, you need to know your age". Know your age, embrace it and rock the heck out of it. My favorite bags that I am carrying right now are my PS1, a purple Prada crossbody and my Celine Mini Luggage will be here next week.
  13. Bottega Veneta have some beautiful bags in different colours that can add a bit of an edge, or there's something like the one I've attached if you like studs but don't want something too OTT?

    If you like Louis Vuitton, I'd also suggest something in the black epi electric leather. The shine gives it a bit of an edge whilst it can still be paired with something for formal occasions.

    Good luck and enjoy the bag hunt!

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  14. ^^^I agree! Refinement = Elegance! If Doreenjoy's are out of your price range, then check out Marc Jacobs. Stick with classic lines that have a bit of an edge. Otherwise, just go eany meany miny mo and pick one of Doreen's and you can't go wrong!

    PS: A large classic Bottega Veneta in Ebano is forever!! ;)
  15. I would look at Marc Jacobs and not necessarily the stam. The Rio or the Karlie, for example, are really nice, classic bags.