COOKWARE? What do you love?

  1. So I went a little crazy this weekend and purchased a ton of Staub cookware. What can I say I just love the stuff - even more than my Le Creuset!

    So what do you use and love?
  2. i love pampered chef and tupperware
  3. I have about 30 pieces of Calphalon and All Clad, I refuse to cook with crappy pots and pans ,I love cooking and I am okay with buying expensive pans if I am going to use them often , i have Wustof knives ( that might be spelled wrong )
    I love going to William and Sonoma to look for new stuff

    I get a bit excited when I see new pots and pans , I am a cooking geek !

    Funny thing about all my pots and pans I have a few that I can never find the tops to ! Its like they disappear when I am going to look for them ! I swear I have a top top a pan that I don't have :rolleyes:

    I should mention , my mother sold Tupperware in the early 80's and we still use a lot of the pieces , they are vintage but they still work
  4. Calphalon One. Just retired my first Calphalon set after 10 years...I love my new stuff even more because the handles stay cool unlike my old set!
  5. Calphalon! The best pots ever!
  6. ITA! Love them!
  7. I like copper bottomed pots and pans and I have just started buying Le Creuset which is great!x
  8. I feel so lame LOL! I mainly use T-Fal and Tupperware. Haven't even heard of some brands you guys mentioned. Then again, the kitchen isn't my fave place at home hehe.
  9. I'm still loving my le Creuset
  10. Same here! I love the way Le Creuset cooks. Especially all its colors :love:
  11. I have non-stick for me! My most favorite all time piece of cookware came from my grandmother......a 16 inch cast iron 103 year-old grannie told me when she gave it to me that it had "medicine in it"......the iron. I cook in it at least once a week.
  12. I love my Calphalon but just got a Le Creuset dutch oven in bright yellow and just love it. I also got a Le Creuset lasagne pan in bright red.
  13. All Clad. I plan on buying a few Le Creuset items though.
  14. After I bought my first piece of All-Clad I couldn't imagine using anything else. Worth every penny. Especially the non-stick skillet.
  15. I'm a Calphalon girl myself.