Cooking Magazines-Recipes in Magazines

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  1. What do you do with your magazines? Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Bon a Petit, etc...I save a few of the Christmas Cookie magazines or also any that have tons of recipes. Some I do throw out.
    I notice I've been getting quite the little stack in my apartment so I have been cutting out the pages of recipes I like and am going to put them in plastic sheets into a binder.
    What do you guys do with the recipes you find in magazines?
    I do have a recipe box but that's for my own recipes and recipes from friends. Recipes in mags seem to be too big to fit on a card.
  2. Depending on the magazine (i.e. Bon Appetit), I don't bother with the recipes since I can find them on This saves me time, space and money so I don't have to organize pages upon pages of clippings.

    For other kinds, I have a binder that I have organized with tabs (appetizers, desserts, etc) and then organize accordingly.
  3. ^^ Similarly if the recipe is online I will throw out the magazine.

    If I do cut it out I put it in the appropriate section of a binder that I have of recipes. I have a plastic sleeve of recipes per section of recipes to try and I put the cut out there until I make it and if they are good they get moved to a page in that section so I can see it better.
  4. I have waaaaaaaaaaay too many cooking magazines. And i can't bear to throw any out because, well, I like waaaay too many recipes.

    This is about 20% of my collection (some vogues in there as well!)


  5. ^^^ Love this collection! haha
    I love my computer but I am such a pen and paper type girl. I love to have books and things all in one place. It also helps that I don't have to print out the recipe because I have it from the magazine.
    So...I have started tearing apart the magazines and I place the recipes in those clear sheets and into a binder. So far, looks pretty nice. If i find that I am going to have to rip out too many pages I will just not toss the whole magazine.
    I decided that I am going to have one book for recipes and another for ideas on things I like from magazines...there are always little crafts or even room displays that I want to remember...the way a table looks, etc.
  6. I am the same way. I have a recipe binder, a workout binder, and an ideas/tips binder.
  7. I do these things too! Even have a binder with magazine photos of decor-looks-I-like. I have magazine pages from 30 years with furniture or drapery looks that still strike my fancy.

    I save a few cooking magazines, but mostly I rip out the recipes I like and put them in a binder with plastic sheets. Easier than a computer to remember recipes I like when I'm looking for something to make. Also like the photos and the ability to jot notes on the sheets. DH makes fun of me because he's a guy who can't cook without two laptops on the counter and an Internet connection--seriously!