Cooking for Cats?

  1. So, with all of the food recalls, is anyone cooking food for their cats/dogs? My cat has always eaten dry food and wet food both, so we have started making him little bits of chicken and such, instead of the wet food, as we are afraid to feed him. Anyone else doing this?
  2. I did it for a day and a half, but it messed up my cat's bowel movements (sorry to be gross). So I put her back on her regular food. Luckily, the cat food I was feeding her was not affected by the recall.
  3. And you have to understand what your cat/dog needs in terms of nutrition... You almost have to be a veterinary nutritionist yourself... Otherwise your cat can get sick if you do not feed balanced diet, or feed one type of food too much, etc. If you are going to do home cooking, please do some research and make sure you feed your cat balanced diet. It is harder than people think... Cats are essential carnivores, so they require different types of diet than we do. I think there are 'safe' brands out in the market...
  4. Naw. My cats don't eat the brands that were recalled. I do however sometimes make an extra pork chop or whatever for my darling Laszlo, mainly to keep him from trying to steal the food off my plate.
  5. One safe brand is Royal Canine for cats.
  6. ^^
    maye, we use Royal Canin.