Cookies By Design...anyone else an addict?

  1. After weeks of shameful cookie sneaking, I am coming out to declare my addiction to these evil gourmet cookies!

    Now you may be thinking I was seduced by the colorful icing or playful shapes...BUT NO!!! I am a slave to the Gourmet cookies, the oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, and choco chip!! They are all so moist and delicious I can not choose a favorite. Well, ok - my favorite is the oatmeal raisin!! They are the ultimate breakfast cookie, well this is what I tell myself while chowing down on them before noon! :yahoo:

    The snickerdoodle, the perfect after dinner cookie - and the peanut butter, well - sounds like a perfect lunch cookie to me!! :p

    If you have never had opportunity to wander into a cookies by design, then I suggest you try their gourmet cookies - I have no idea their secret cookie recipes - or their secret ingredients that hook me like a colorado trout on a nightcrawler - but, I am indeed a CBD addict.

    Please share your CBD experience here and maybe I will photograph some cookies for you to cyberdrool over - well, if I can stop myself from eating them first!!
  2. Is there a store near you?
    I haven't tried them:drool:
    I'm a TOTAL cookie monster though!
  3. I love Cookies by Design! When I was in Orlando, there was right across the street from work :push: I love iced cookies :drool: Icing + cookies = perfection!
  4. I love cookies! Those Cookie Sandwiches are calling me!!!
  5. There is a store within 5 miles of my house - it is very dangerous and was clearly put there by the denim designers so that I would keep buying new jeans to fit my expanding bottom. :p

    For lunch I had edamame and a snickerdoodle cookie - is that a well balanced meal or what? :roflmfao:
  6. I've ordered cookie bouquets for other people, but never had one for myself! Maybe I should!
  7. These not only look good, they taste great! I rec'd a bouquet for my birthday a couple of years ago. At first, they were to nice to look at. Then you give into temptation with one, then another and another and another. Then I told people NEVER send me them again! They are more cake-like than cookies. Totally addicting.
  8. Wow I have never heard of it until now.