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  1. I have been soo busy i've finally been able to contribute to this site. Here is my collection, sorry if some of the color is off, I borrowed my friends camera, and I have NO IDEA how to adjust it. Oh wells you get the idea. I have been collecting for 7 years. :love::love: and hopefully for many more. Thanks for looking.
    dooney.jpg coach.jpg fendi.jpg lv.jpg
  2. You have the new LV Aurelia!!!

  3. very nice! i am jealous of your cb papillon!
  4. *gasp* you've got the new LV! it looks great!
    oooh, you've also got a D&B Bolero too. I'm not a big fan of their "bubble" collection, but I love everything else you've got!
  5. Thanks, I wasnt crazy about the bubble either, I got it for christmas My old boss works for D&B and so she sold my mom these special samples :smile: and my mom passed them along to me . I really like em now :love:
  6. WOW!!!! You freakin got the Aurelia already?!!?!!?? :love: Effing jealous. I'm madly in love with it now.. :amuse: :amuse:
  7. wow, the LV looks great!!
  8. I envy your collection...I love everything!
  9. What a great collection. I love your CB Vuitton.
  10. GREAT collection!!!:love:
  11. Very pretty collection! The cherry blossom papillion is TDF and the Fendis too!! And I love the way you tied the scarves to your Coach bags, they're completely perfect like the ones on their website!
  12. Cute bags!
  13. Very pretty collection!
  14. Very colorful! CUte.
  15. Thanks It took a lot of practice to get the scarfs like that. :smile: I actually watched the Coach store show me.. I asked one gal and she didnt know how and so they called other SA's and like the whole staff came over to figure out the best way to tie it. and VOILA a bow is born :biggrin: