Cookie wallet - which color?

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  1. #1 Sep 17, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2012
    First I wanted the cookie lily, didn't work out. Then I was thinking about the sbs but ended up missing the oak. Just when I thought I had given up on getting anything from this line, I found out my friends friend ended up buying both the black and oak wallet and she wants to sell one of them, doesn't care which, my choice !

    Once again, I cant decide as black is so classic and i dont have a black wallet (odd). also don't have to worry about it getting dirty or color transfer as it will end up being held / tossed around a lot..seems like it might age better? The oak is pretty and I think the cutout details stands out more in the oak. And the delicate design matches the lighter color and wondering if the black looks a little harsh.

    Adding to my dilemma, she will sell either to me at the price she bought them.. The black was 40% off. The oak was 20% off. Not sure if i love the oak $100+ more than the black at this point.... meaning after my other purchases this season.

    Opinions please! Thanks!
  2. I have the cookie wallet and love it. Had no problems with colour transfer or dirt. I choose it over the black one as i thought it was more eye catching and prettier. I wasn't so keen on the black one, i didn't think it looked as nice as the beige and oak colours. But 40% off is a great discount!
  3. Normally i would prefer a black wallet but the Cookie Wallet looks for me nicer in oak.
  4. you can't go wrong with either IMO. Black would probably be harder wearing!
  5. I had both the oak and the black. I did feel too that the cookie edging showed better in the oak but I ended up selling the oak and keeping the black and im so pleased I did too
    It is much more hard wearing and goes with all of my bags ;) 40% off is a great saving too for the black
  6. I would say Oak!!....:biggrin:
  7. I have the oak cookie purse and went with that because I also felt the cookie design stands out more in oak and pebbled beige.
  8. Definitely Oak. Black wallets are way too common.
  9. I can understand your dilemma they are both nice. I have the black one it's lovely. Nothing common about it and the cookie features still stand out.
  10. Usually I'd say the cheaper one, because I can't resist a bargain....... but in this case oak > black
  11. I'm adding my 2 cents and going for oak. The contrast between oak and the gold cookie lock wins it for me
  12. Am going to add in for the oak too - am a bit biased, as I'm in the process of getting rid of all my "black" & re-starting with oaks / neutrals (most of my Mulberrys are "coloured" so need neutrals to go with any colour bag & black's just a bit "strong" with the more delicate colours.
    Do let us know what you decide, xH
  13. Black looks a bit harsh on the cookie wallet. I vote for oak as it really looks like a cookie, which is what it's supposed to be ;)
  14. Thanks for your opinions everyone! What would I do without the mulberry forum!

    I saw pictures of the wallets...the oak one has some color transfer on the back. She said she was wearing new jeans and thinks it might have rubbed off a little. The black one has a tiny dig in the leather in the back but it's barely noticeable. I'm kind of paranoid that the oak will get dirtier more easily and I think the color transfer will bother me more in the long run so I'm leaning towards the black right now..but seems like the majority of people are really loving the oak!

    Sigh, I really liked oak this season but for some reason looks like im not ending up with anything in oak.
  15. This, plus the fact that the black is cheaper, would definitely sway me towards the black. Quick, snap it up before the lady changes her mind!