Cookie Oversized Postman’s Lock Clutch...??

  1. Hi ladies,
    I bought an Oak Cookie Bays in the sales and am currently debating whether I should keep her or not, so thought I'd google photos to try and help make up my mind!
    I came across this blog post which has a Cookie Postman's Lock Clutch which looks gorgeous, but I cant remember seeing one at all this season?! Do they exsist?

    Any information would be fabulous! TIA.

    Becca x

  2. Hi Becca

    A couple of weeks ago I saw a blk one in fenwicks tonbridge wells
  3. Oh no, how did I miss this?! I have been looking for a new black clutch... Thanks for the replies ladies, I will give Fenwicks a call later today - fingers crossed! X
  4. Just called and they still have it! The phone cut off right after she told me the price -£395 - now I can't decide if I should splurge or not! Thanks so much for the heads up X
  5. Hi Becca

    I know other Fenwicks sales have started maybe its worth trying the other branches to see if they have and in sale

    Unfortunately Tonbridge Sale doesnt start till the 26th of this mth

    I did also spy one over Bluewater in Choice clothing store but that was about a mth ago

    Good Luck
  6. Oh right! I did wonder if that was sale price but the phone cut out too quickly for me to ask! I will do that, thanks so much!
    How strange that their sale starts later... X
  7. So sorry Becca I was told that their sale started on the 26th but just rang them and your right it started this morning ;)
  8. That's a lovely clutch, I have the black cookie lily and she's very cute.
  9. Oh no! That means I will have to act fast... Decisions!! Thanks Emzbox x
  10. I adore the cookie Lily's, all the reveal threads are making me really tempted. Perhaps I just need the entire Cookie collection, it's so beautiful! X
  11. I agree but what is strange is that they didn't really rock my boat when I first saw them but now I love them. Especially the special addition with the union jack plaques...makes you proud to be British! :smile: