Cookie Lily

  1. Hi everyone

    Can anyone remember theprice that the Cookie Lily went to in the SS12 sale please?

    Would be really helpful - thanks x
  2. I think the cookies were only 20% off? Might be lying!
  3. If you want a black one and are willing to pay import fees etc...(allow up to 50% of price paid - may be less). There appear to still be stock in the UAE authorised stockists Boutique1 for £264. You need to email them to check stock, but they are very fast to respond.

  4. Thanks Moo - that's really helpful.
    I have my eye on a pebbled beige which I've just put for authentication. It's on Fleabay but the seller wants £645. I've got her down a bit but she still wants the original full price??
    Not sure that one's for me. The black one looks very appealing thank you.
  5. I honestly think you could get a better deal. True, they were/are popular, but I still don't think that justifies asking full price on eBay when the bag actually went on sale.
    Good luck on your lily-hunt ;)
  6. I agree with you - that one is not the one for me, even though she paid full price!!
    Still looking .........