Cookie cut in outlets or on sale?

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  1. Have any cookie cut mulbs ever been in the outlets at all? Or decently discounted in sales? It's absolutely beautiful. Are there any drawbacks with the detail - ie. curling up and looking tatty??
  2. I think those have been and gone at the outlets. I have the cookie sbs and have no curling issues. The leather soft matte is very delicate though and requires care when in use
  3. Hi,
    They were in the outlets July last year, so long gone I'm afraid. Only resellers issues with curling, though a very soft leather than wouldn't stand up to much wear and tear.

  4. Oh yes, I've seen the one on NPN. Tempted. Although I do like to use my bags for everything - they have to,contain nappies, wipes, snacks and drinks at the moment, and I'm not into babying. It just means they won't be used.