Convoyeur Mini Bag

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  1. Hey TPF - I'm looking at the current version of the Convoyeur Mini bag (the one that's 5.9 x 7.3" which is a bit larger than the original design)

    1, Does anyone know how long the strap is? My current crossbody bag has a strap is ~46" (23" drop) which is perfect for me for a small bag that fits close to body. I could take a slightly shorter strap but I keep finding most of the H bags to have too short a strap for me to be comfortable.

    2. Does anyone have photos of what fits inside? I can't tell quite how small it is :smile: I don't carry much so I'm hoping I can squeeze into this gorgeous bag.

    Thanks in advance :smile:
    convoyeur-mini-bag--071848CKS5-front-1-300-0-1158-1158_b.jpg convoyeur-mini-bag--071848CKS5-above-3-300-0-1158-1158_b.jpg