Convoyeur GM

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  1. sorry, i posted the wrong theme. could anyone please help me to delete this post?
    I've just bought a new to me convoyeur GM! i've just finished the payment and haven't received it yet! but i am so anxious and want to share with everyone.
    i think that it is huge for me, the bag is 42cm in width, 37cm in height. and i am only 5'3!
    but i will give it a try. i like the bag for its rareness and the barenia leather. and the bag has a 5-pointed star blind-stamp.
    what do you think? please give me some advice. should i keep the bag?

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  2. What does the star mean? Shooting stars are bags made for employees, but this star is not shooting. I did a search and did not find a mention of this type of star.
  3. i am told that it means 20-year-serving-hermes artisan... i am not sure how to express it in English.
  4. I have always wanted one of these bags -- just love it!

    You have to decide if you love it, if it is worth the money to you. Did you have bababebi authenticate it? She will be able to tell you about the mark.
  5. thanx! i did not know bababebi could help to authenticate it. how should i ask her,please?
  6. already put a post. thanx for reminder.
  7. Yes, it's big

    Underarm to low hip big

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  8. haha, i saw the picture online. before i buy, i did a lot of search work. yeah it is big, but i want to take the risk.
    i most worried about the weight. but according to the newest shipping info, the package is 1kg in weight. i think it will be lighter than i imagined. huuuuuu~ such a relief!
    haha, cann't wait to receive the package.
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  9. It is beautiful. I would love owning it even if I carried it only occasionally. Hope you love it.
  10. I love that bag, the style is classic but also different at the same time. And being barenia it will smell divine. Please share when you get it. I would love this bag!
  11. hi all, i have received the bag and take some pictures in the car in dusk light and in warm light. all is perfect excpet some dark dirt on the front side. i know that barenia will dark through using. i am trying to accept these marks. but i still want to ask is there any treatment for obvious marks on barenia?

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  12. What a delightful unique bag. I would love it just the way it is-after all it is Barenia:yes::love:
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  13. thanx, i love the way it is and decide not to do anything and let it to get its own patina. but i am wondering if there's any treatment for very obvious dirt or mark.
  14. wow, it is truly spectacular!!! congratulations!
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