Convinced date codes don't exsist on LV bags...WTF?

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  1. I was interested in this bag on eBay I asked the seller for a picture of the date code, heatstamp on the outside and zipper pull and picture of the bottom.

    Here's the link to the bag:

    And here's what they said to that:

    "Every piece of of the bag is stamped "Louis Vuitton Paris made
    in France" with a registration mark. The bag its self is stamped
    on one of the leather buckles. Also marked are the luggage
    tag,pad lock and shoulder strap. There are no internal tags. I
    think that is some LV urban legend. Possibly the steamer trunks
    are marked that way but not the smaller pcs. I had a friend that
    was the factory rep for Dooney & Bourke and he heard all kinds
    of stories about how to tell real from fake Dooney's that were
    not true. If you would like a photo of the mark on the buckle I
    need your email address this site doesn't allow for attachments.
    As for a selling price please make an offer. Thanks! DN"

    "The zipper pull is marked with the "LV" monogram. There is a
    large leather design element clearly visible in the existing
    photos stamped "LOUIS VUITTON" The only LV made... in tag is
    stitched inside and shown in the existing pictures. The people at
    the LV store here in Dallas saw it and had no problems with it. I
    think there is a lot of "Urban Legend" about how to identify
    authentic LV. For extra photos I need your email address. This
    site doesn't allow for attachments. Thanks for your interest! DN"

    And the latest one will blow your mind!!!!!

    I told him to check out TpF and even sent him pictures of where to find the date code! And he tells me the site is maintained by counterfieters.

    And this is what he said to me:

    ""I can't get either of these sites to open with Google or Yahoo.
    Who maintains the site? It's perfectly a company that counterfeits LV could have put the information out there . I know
    there are such sites for Rolex. Call the Louis Vuitton store near
    you and ask or call the one here in Dallas where I took this bag
    972/934-3637. I understand your concern. Thanks David N"

    Then he sent me one picture of the zipper pull and I asked for the bottom along with teh others and he said:

    "I don't find any "date code" I was told by the LV
    store at the Galleria in Dallas there is no such
    thing. LV does not include any markings to
    authenticate their bags. A sales receipt is all they
    accept for returns etc. Any one making a counterfeit
    bag most certainly include a little easily produced
    stamped tab after doing all the hardware luggage tags
    etc. Many of the internet sites offering information
    on how to identify
    fake are maintained by the people making them. I am
    going to Neiman Marcus' LV department today to see if
    they have different information for the LV store at
    Galleria. Thanks David N"

    So I responded like this:

    Ok whatever you say. It's not true. Louis Vuitton bags have datecodes.... My Speedy 30 has one, my Beverly MM has one. Which I bought from THE ONLY authentic LV seller/store on the internet.

    Please don't think you know everything about Louis Vuitton because you obviously don't.

    If your saying is maintained by counterfiet makers your are totally out of line. Have you even been to the site? There are thousands of LVcollectors on that site who know every INCH of any LV bag and can spot a fake from a mile away. And they have deemed your bag as suspiscous because your unwillingness to send me the correct pictures. And they think it's nuts that you don't believe there are date codes. You really need to brush up on your LV education.

    Anyways, I'm convinced your bag is fake and reporting it. You have no clue what you are talking about and are too nieve to understand anythnig about Louis Vuitton. Just because you sell a couple doesn't mean you know anything.

    Goodbye. Thanks for nothing. I doubt you even have the bag in your presence and I am sure it's a fake now...

    I have told you over and over how to find the date code- BECAUSE THERE IS ONE! And you are still very defensive about it and are trying to tell ME that there are no date codes on LV bags.

    And I DOUBT the Dallas LV store told you LV bags don't come with date codes. They are full of ****.

    The date code is one of the MAIN things that people use to authenticate a bag! If it doesn't have a datecode then it's usually fake. That and the heatstamp are the two most important things."

    WTF is wrong with this person and how nieve do you have to be?

    Plese someone inform him better than me what a date code is and that it exists!
  2. Wow, major issues here. Stay away, I would recommend.
  3. Many SAs are told to tell customers there are no date codes - so many customers believe them. :rolleyes: (They are often referred to as Production Codes by the SAs/ SMs that I have known.) So the seller could totally believe there isn't one. :yes:

    We know different b/c we are fanatics! :p

    It is exceptionally rare that an item has no date code (other than the Fabric Design and French Company pieces and very vintage items) - usually the fault of the quality control unit who fails to catch it. :push:

    The only item that I know that did not have a date code (but does now) is the baby Pap that comes with the mommy Pap 30.

    Sellers who do not know their items inside and out can respond this way... too bad they aren't willing to send you the pics you asked for.

    OT, why does that Damier have a vachetta luggage tag?
  4. Sorry I placed this in the wrong area....

    I have no clue why he has that luggage tag on in... Should I get a picture of that too? An upclose one to see if that's real?

    He said it comes with it... IDK...

    It wouldn't have came with it when whoever bought itright?

    I should ask if he bought that seperate... and see what he says.

    Because if he says it came with the bag- and he bought it from a store than that's a lie.
  5. I am going to close this thread - we can discuss this further in the Authenticate This thread, okay? ;)
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