Convinced customer to buy 3 Chanels!

  1. I must be out of my mind or love Chanel too much.

    I was at the Chanel store in Neiman Marcus and a lady approached me. She was in her late 40s, dressed very casual and told me that she came into Neiman looking for a couple of tubes of mascara and skin care. She was not going to buy a bag. She didn't want to buy a bag but she had to come in just to look around. She was interested in picking out a bag that didn't look to matronly and old-fashioned so she asked me for my opinion. At the end, I convinced her and she chose a petit shopper tote, a black flap bag and ordered another bag.

    It was her lucky day!
  2. Too funny!!!!! 3 in one day.....excellent day for her!!!!
  3. Haha you should get commission. Are you an SA?
  4. I should get the SA commission or maybe a free bag! LOL
  5. wow, great sales technique....maybe a TPF member?
  6. I just told her she looked great with her Chanel and that many young girls adore the brand and this is true! Guess if you are from TPF you really know what you are talking about.
  7. Too funny. I've occasionaly convinced people to buy handbags too. My DH says I'm a bad influence!
  8. That's funny.
  9. You got the thrill of picking out the bags and it didn't cost you a thing! WOW:graucho: Nice way to shop - LOL
  10. :yes: :yes:
  11. I know I had great fun and still money saved in my bank account.