Convince me: Why the Mini HL is so great.

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  1. I second that!:biggrin:
  2. #32 Sep 30, 2010
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  3. I have a MC mini HL

    You can def squeeze in your cell and a small wallet. I lack a strap otherwise I would use it more often.

    Are you interested in handheld or shoulder straps?Have you considered a pochette?
  4. I like the Eva better than the Mini HL. I have a Mono one and it seldom get use. I'm saving it for my younger daughter when she's old enough to use it.
  5. I'm getting the Eva! I don't know when though whenever I happen to go to the LV store again. Maybe this month: Oct or Nov.
  6. Honestly, I think it looks like a little girl's bag. I would say try the pouchette accessories.
  7. Love my mini HL. I put the strap from my Stephen on it with tortoise and it goes crossbody. Perfect for run to Starbucks, bible study or wherever you don't need your lg. bag. It eill fit cles or small wallet, keys and cell phone. I run around with mine all the time!
  8. They are super cute! I have seen toddlers carry them not sure about using it as a handbag. They recommend them for cosmetics to accent the speedy but even then the handles would take up too much room.
  9. I have the Mini HL but it's not roomy enough for an adult. I gifted it to my 12 year old daughter.