Convince me: Why the Mini HL is so great.

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  1. Thanks ladies! Maybe you're right about the mini HL I wouldn't people to think I'm a little girl! I'm already young looking enough lol. The eva it comes! I'm planning on when I should buy it.
  2. i actually remember when the mini hl was 100 dollars less or more, so the price right now for it seems a bit insane lol. So I definitely don't think getting an Eva would be too pricey, and plus I think you'll get a lot more use out of an eva clutch than a mini hl. Or like others have said, perhaps a pochette?
  3. i have it. i use it as a makeup bag & sometimes a small bag to keep keys, cards, iphone &lip gloss when i go out. i put my strap from my eva on it. i put a picture in the mini hl clubhouse w/ the strap.
  4. A mini HL is for a young child or someone up to 16 yrs old. IMO
  5. Yeah I'm getting the Eva I knew I was unsure about the HL for a reason! Lol. I don't like pochettes in general. Had one didn't like it and it looks like it's for a child moreso than the HL. I've been wanting the Eva for awhile, but was unsure as well but now is a better reason on why to get one. Getting it in damier ebene and I like the strap where I can wear it crossway. Again thanks so much for all the help you guys! I appreciate it.
  6. Nice! Which LVs do you have already?
  7. I only have two small items from LV and they are the damier ebene zippy coin purse/wallet and the damier ebene cles.

    These are the ones I have:

    The links work?
  8. Cool! I used my Damier Ebene Cles everyday for over a year! Are you sure u want to get Ebene again? How about the Azur Eva?
  9. Yeah I used my cles for a long time too, but stopped using it because I didn't want to get it dirty anymore. Yeah lol I love ebene, but you can tell that already lol. I don't really like Azur. If I wanted something non ebene it would have to be monogram. I thought about the mono, but don't really want to just because I don't like the vachetta darkening. I like that new look even though I'm going to be using it for awhile so that's one of the reasons why I like ebene.
  10. I don't like it.
  11. I figured if there's a Mini thread I simply have to share my custom order Damier Ebene:


    To be honest, it's not really that great and I would sell mine if it weren't special order. I love looking at it, but I use her so seldom it's a shame, especially since there's the cutest ever little Ebene strap to go with it!

    She's my "bar" bag - something cute and fun to wear that will carry just my phone and (small) wallet and keys, and I can wear her cross-body comfortably. I love that there's no vachetta, especially if I have kids and end up giving this to one of them (kids do TERRIBLE things to vachetta).

    Certainly not my everyday bag, though. If you like Damier Ebene maybe look pre-loved? The Ribera Mini is a bit larger and adult bag that is super cute but is being sold by the dozen now because many people found it too tiny for everyday use.
  12. How did it get dirty?
  13. Oh wow now that you don't see often! It's so cute, but I can see why it's not very useful now I suppose. The bag looks so tiny, but that is a cute one. I thought about the Ribera mini, but I don't really want it. :/ Thanks for the suggestion though.
  14. It never really seriously got dirty. What I meant to say is I don't want it to get to that point because I was using it a lot. I used it a lot during the summer so it was hot therefore I sweated and didn't want dirt and sweat on it. It is still in very good condition though and I want to keep it that way.
  15. At best, the HL is cute. I don't think it has much function at all. I would get the Eva, since it would provide fashion and function.