Convince me: Why the Mini HL is so great.

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  1. I'm looking for a small, but handy bag at an affordable price that's both stylish and looks good. I don't carry a lot just credit cards, keys, and my cell phone. So I found the Mini HL, but I don't know anybody that has this bag. I tried searching for some threads on here about it and it sounds good so far, but I need more convincing. Your reviews on it? What's so great about it? What do you like about it? And do you get a lot of compliments on it? Thank you. :yahoo:
  2. I don't own the Mini HL but is the speedy 25 too big for your liking? I think that would be more functional/versatile than the mini HL. If I were to go as small as the HL, I'd go for the Eva clutch or Sunset Blvd, etc
  3. The speedy 25 isn't too big for me however it's pricier than the mini HL. I was thinking about the Eva clutch. Can you tell me why the Eva is better than the mini hl? I want to hear all opinions. Thanks!
  4. I think the Eva would be a better option, it is pricier than the HL but it is offered in Mono, Azur and Ebene. You can wear it cross body, as a shoulder bag and as a wristlet, whereas the HL would only be a hand carry bag and it looks like a child's purse. I have considered buying the HL for my young niece
  5. ^I agree with Princess Saf! The Eva clutch looks very elegant and looks very modern with its shape, etc. The mini HL looks s bit off to me with the size even more that it's a handheld bag.
  6. Yes, I agree with the ladies! Get an eva! The mini HL isn't mhmmm let's say not a fan!
  7. Even though I think the mini HL is really cute I think it's just cute for looking at. So if I where you I would buy the eva, you can even use it more ways and it doesn't look like you've stolen your daughter/sisters bag.
  8. I think the Mini HL is cute, but like another pointed out, it seems more appropriate for a child. I have an Ebene Eva clutch and I love it. So versatile (crossbody, wristlet, clutch) that it can go from day to night in a second, it's small size and yet fit for an adult.
  9. ITA with this! how about an eva or pochette instead, both are multi-functional and spacious enough for your stated needs... GL deciding :smile:
  10. Eva would be a better choice.
  11. The mini hl is cute but I think a pochette accessories is more practical (and looks more grown up).
  12. The Mini HL is cute but I agree it looks like a little girl's bag. Definitely go for the Eva. It is such a great bag and can be worn many ways. I love mine! To save money you can look for a pre-owned in great condition. Just make sure to get it authenticated on the authenticate this forum first.
  13. The mini HL is like a wristlet without a strap. It looks like a sunglass case to me. I think you'd be much better off with the pochette.
  14. I thought about buying mini hl at one point.. but for my 6 yo and not for me. if you want something on that price range... a pochette might work better. or I would just get a wallet and carry it by itself. how about the josephine or emilie?
  15. I have a mini HL and I rarely use it. :sad: