Convince me to buy delightful with cloth tag before the price increase !

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  1. I have been hunting for a delightful PM made in USA or France but just not the cloth tag.
    Its impossible to find one in the here in the US LV stores.

    I want to get a delightful PM before the price increase but not sure if I would be 100% happy with the cloth tag ones.

    Please talk me into buying the cloth tag ones. Convince me or Advice me. I know I am crazy !!!!

    Thanks a lot.
  2. I hate the stupid cloth tag and I try to avoid it as much as possible but you know what? at the end of the day I rather save some money and get the bag now as opposed to keep looking for MIF and have to pay increased price.

    Same thing happened with my Empreinte Speedy, I looked for MIF everywhere, and it was before the price increase last year, I ended up keeping the bag with the tag and now it’s one of my favorite bags and the tag doesn’t bother me. I think that bag went up like $200 or so, I’m glad I didn’t pay the extra money... I don’t even think about the tag anymore….. soooooo, the moral of my long story is get the bag and forget about the tag, JMO :wave:
  3. I thought the same when I got my DE Neverfull GM. But, honestly, it hasn't bothered me at all! It carries just the same as any other ;). I would rather have a brand new bag with a cloth tag vs a pre-owned MIF or US bag sans cloth tag (unless, of course it was like-new).

    Price increase or not, the cloth tags are our new destiny in the U.S. ;)
  4. The cloth tag bags are just as good as the MIF bags. There, I said it. I prefer my bags to say Made in France, but I'm not going to refrain from purchasing something just because of the tag. Go for what you love. Tag be dammed! LOL!
  5. I have found that if I really LVoe a bag, I've gotta have it, cloth tag or no. The bags that I pass on when I see the cloth tag, I know are not really meant to be. The ones that I buy anyway--- those end up being the true keepers. :smile:
  6. My alma bb is cloth tag. When I bought it, I was bothered and am still bothered a bit. I just feel its not fair that everywhere around the world you get a Made in stamp and not here :sad: but pay the same $$$$
  7. I also prefer MIF, like many, but really just try to think of the quality, which is the same whether there's a cloth tag or not. I think in your day to day life you won't even think of the tag, you'll be too busy enjoying the bag! Also think of the price savings of buying now vs later, you can put that money towards an accessory or save for another bag in the future.
  8. I understand the desire for MIF, but to hold out and possibly pay more really doesn't make sense. Unfortunately I'm sure there will be a day where MIF is only available in France or outside of the US. Most of the canvas bags here are MIUSA. If you don't want to go pre-LVoed, I say get it before the increase. If the sight of it in your bag bothers you, get a shaper that will cover it up.
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    You know, I thought about this one day and have come to the point of not minding the tag. Can you imagine how people must have felt about the Tyvek tag in the French Co. Speedy? All those bags were made in the US and mark a time when the company was doing something a little different. I am actually looking for one of those bags with the tag so why should it matter now. We don't know how long the cloth tag will last but it is a change that happened while you are collecting. It may mark a time of something really cool one day. Can you imagine people stalking eBay to find a bag with the tag that we all want to avoid? :lolots: They are all made of the same materials, just in a different location.
  10. I don't mind getting a preloved from Fashionphile or Yoogis but its so hard to find a like new one. And don't want to buy from ebay at all.
  11. I was just like you when I went to the store yesterday. I wanted a made in France! But they only had the ones with the cloth tags. I put the bag on my shoulders and I was in love!! From that minute the cloth tag dint bother me and yes I saved some money as well!!, :smile:

    Just buy it, if you love your bag the cloth tag wouldn't bother you at all.. After all its just a tag inside. Enjoy your bag!!!
  12. If you love the bag, just get it! You do have 14 days to return if you change your mind. :smile: Delightful is a great bag!

    My Emp. Speedy is my ONLY piece with a cloth tag and honestly, it is just as well-made (or better) than any of my others. Good luck!
  13. +1, just get your bag and enjoy it.:smile:
  14. Was the delightful pm $760 when it was releases in 2010? Man thats like $300 up since 2010.
  15. Thanks. I think the bags are made the same, just I want the stamp ! be it MIU or MIF. Now the front looks empty.