Convince me on the black epi pochette with silver hw

  1. I have been thinking about this bag for almost 3 years and i still can't make up my mind. I will need an extender with this and i'm not sure if i like the look (Any modeling pics?)
  2. there is no convincing. its a hot bag and you need it. you have waitied 3 years? girl, you are due!
  3. Wow 3 years IS a long wait.

    It's a perfect little accessory that won't go out of style, much like the little black dress. :graucho:
  4. 3 years is a long wait!!!! Black is classic....goes with everything! I love the silver hardware with gives it a chic look! Go for it girl!!!!!
  5. I had that bag with silvertone hardware and sold it to get a different bag. I regret it so much, I also had the bolt extender in silvertone too and it went great with the pochette. I love the silvertone hardware on the EPI bags, especially the black, I think it looks richer!
    GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. get it... bring it home... and see if it grows on ya...:tup:
  7. I think that an Epi pochette will be great for going out and black is the most practical color!

    For those that own an epi and a mono pochette, is the strap on the epi pochette that much shorter than the one of the mono pochette? For me the strap on the mono is a great size (don't need an extender), but I may buy the bolt keychain to use as an extender for the epi pochette once I get it.
  8. i have can use it as a handbag if the strap is too short for it!
  9. Sorry I can't convince you. I am a gold hw gal!