Convicted Animal Abuser Gets Abused Dog Back

  1. I cannot believe this... the JUDGE and the MAN need mental help.

    Convicted Animal Abuser Gets Abused Dog Back

    Activists Outraged By Release To Owner

    OXFORD, Ohio -- A man who was convicted of animal cruelty will be allowed to get his dog back, but he must follow a list of conditions to care for the animal.

    Otis Clark, of Oxford, pleaded no contest last month to charges related to the abuse of his 2-year-old dog, China, and he petitioned to get it back.

    The dog was found with a chain so deeply imbedded in its neck, it required surgery to remove it.

    Judge Robert Lyons allowed Clark to care for the dog, provided that it is licensed and is not tied up.

    The dog also must be checked every 90 days by a veterinarian, and if Clark does not comply with the judge’s orders he will be considered in violation of his probation.

    Clark must read a book on dog care given to him by the court and is subject to random home visits by a probation officer.

    If he violates the terms of his probation, Clark must forfeit the dog and would face up to 180 days in jail.

    Animal activists are angry that Clark was able to get the dog back, blaming the prosecutor and judge for engaging in a "closed door" deal with Clark.
  2. what in the world! this man should not be allowed to get the dog back and further should not be allowed to ever own another animal. so what he needs to take it in to a vet every 90 days, what if the dog dies in between check ups. This is so sad, poor dog. I truly believe once an abuser always an abuser.
  3. holy crap that makes me angry. That's extreme neglect when the chain gets embedded like the dog grew and it wrapped tighter and tighter around it's neck. That judge needs to be beaten.
  4. Wtf? I don't understand what the judge could possibly be thinking. This is ridiculous.
  5. just sad.
  6. What an idiotic ruling.

    I hope that man learns his lesson AND that the probation officers are diligent in checking up on the dog's situation.