Convertible Cribs?

  1. I just received my "Baby Bargains" book and realized that I must order a crib ASAP! (Apparently, high-end cribs can take forever to ship.) So, my question is: Are convertible cribs (which converts from a crib to a regular twin bed) worth it? practical? or just a bad idea?

    I would especially love to hear from moms who have purchased convertible beds if they actually converted the cribs into beds for their children or whether in reality that'll never happen because kids develop their own taste and demand certain decors when they grow older.
  2. My sister has one for her son and she loves it! It's easy to convert. You can use it for many years so it's seems practical.
  3. I bought a convertible for my first born but never converted it since I am about to have another one that'll use it as a crib.
  4. My daughters crib is convertible but I know we will never use that feature. We'd have to buy the pieces to convert it. I'm going to keep my daughter in her crib as long as possible & then move her into a twin/full size bed. Not going to bother converting the crib or waste money on a toddler bed etc.
  5. Thanks ladies! DlkinVegas- do you already have a twin/full bed for your DD? Is it more cost-effective/ practical to use another twin/full bed than to buy the conversion kit to convert the crib? TIA!
  6. My convertible crib came with all the parts to go from crib, to toddler bed with rail and day bed. Nothing more to purchase.
  7. So did my sister's. I guess that is why it seems to be easier than the others are saying...
  8. mine can convert, but we never did it and never intended to.
    We knew w/ my first baby, that the crib would be used as a crib for the next baby so we bought the 1st one a pretty big girl bed when she outgrew it.
    W/ the twins, one used my DD's crib and we had another custom made to match, and they're both now in the attic.

    2 beautiful Magic Moon cribs in the attic:cry:
  9. Swanky- Why do you think you didn't convert the beautiful cribs into beds for your twins?
  10. I like change I guess :biggrin:
    After having the cribs set up for over 6 years altogether, I was ready to take them down.
    We buy them big kid furniture after the crib that they can keep for a really long time.
    Usually more Magic Moon:yes
  11. I havent bought a bed for my daughter yet she is 17 months. My girl will stay in her crib until she is 3 hopefully. My crib didnt come with the rail conversions so if I wanted to use that feature I would have to buy it which is $150? I cant remember exactly. I'm sure by the time I move her into her own bed I will be pregnant or trying & will need the crib for my new baby. To me it just makes sense to keep them in their crib for as long as possible (It's the safest place for them to sleep) & then move them into a regular bed.
  12. I agree, keep her in the crib as long as you both can stand it.
    If she starts trying to get out, get her a crib tent:yes:
  13. My daughter who is 18 months could walk at 10 months and was climbing out and over by 12 months even with the crib dropped to the lowest level. By then I was pregnant again so no sense converting the crib to toddler bed. She's now in her own bed. Would've loved to have kept her in her crib longer but she's an escape artist, headstrong, and does what she wants.
  14. one of my twins did too, but the crib tent saved us! :biggrin: SOOO worth it:yes:
  15. Dd had a convertible crib and it was great to take her from the crib to the toddler bed stage. We wound up buying her a regular bed for her now, but since I'm expecting #2 in a few months, we're breaking out the convertible again!